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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kitchenhenge - Installment 4


winter solstice 2009
summer solstice 2009

Hi everyone! We just got home from the airport and I'm pooped. But the sun did peek out this morning, so finally, we have the winter solstice only one day off instead of nearly a month. The top panorama is this morning, and the bottom picture is the summer solstice this year. Remember, the red line is just to use to line up the pictures- it always goes through the same tree.

So now you can see the north-south extent of the sun's path here in my kingdom.

Gotta go to bed. I'll answer all your great comments tomorrow.

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wenn said...

merry xmas!

Julia said...

That's a big swing in the sun's position in the sky! I like the kitchenhenge concept. Maybe I will attempt it. Hmmm it's just where to set up which is my problem.

Get some rest!! and Merry Christmas!!

Secondary Roads said...

I've watched the changing declination of the sun since my youth. About 30 years ago at a seminar on solar heating, the path of the sun across the sky at different times of year was clearly illustrated. Most enlightening.

The moon's declination swings over an even wider range. Perhaps the subject for another Sharkbytes study?

Joe Todd said...

I've become un-henged

Ann said...

No matter what the season that is one beautiful panoramic view.

betchai said...

i love the panorama picture Sharkbytes. it's great to be seeing this from your kitchen. and wow, what distinction you've captured.

Ratty said...

It's a good view no matter what time of year. Also always an interesting idea. Every since you started doing these I've been paying more attention to the position of the sun.

Sharkbytes said...

wenn- you too!

Julia! I know, I had to decide where the picture was to be taken from, because if you change then the perspective is different. Fortunately, the first step outside the door is pretty good, and easy to remember.

Chuck- I don't know if I could do the moon. I don't have a clear horizon where it comes up or goes down part of the time. But it would be an interesting project.

Joe- Oh NO! I didn't mean to do that to you.

Ann- gee, thanks... It's not even stitched together fancy... I just had time to line up the 3 photos and post 'em. The light was nice, though.

Hi betchai- Everyone who likes the panorama is giving me ideas. I wasn't trying for beauty, just information, actually.

Ratty- That is so neat, that you've been watching more. It makes me very happy to think that someone observes more of nature because I spurred them on. Of course, you do it for so many others! (And me too, except I don't have as many squirrels here, as you do there)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view! Two very distinct feels for the same spot!

Sharkbytes said...

Icy- I never think of that view as very beautiful... but it's where the sun comes up! The panorama makes it look pretty good though!

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