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Monday, December 21, 2009

Joshua Turns 40!


Joshua's 40th birthday

This is another of those kinda personal posts. But it was totally clouded in this morning, so no sunrise and no precise Kitchenhenge. Therefore, you get to share in the other big event of the day. Joshua's 40th birthday. (Well, unless you want to call the fact that his refrigerator died the big event.) We took him to Ponderosa for lunch to celebrate (the birthday, not the dead refrigerator).

Joshua joins our family

Josh is the middle son, although he was the last to join the family. Here we all are, on February 4, 1977, when we first met him. He came to us with basically what you see here: the clothes on his back, a cat in a carrier, a huge cookie that his foster family helped him make for us, one paper grocery sack of toys (not pictured), and one suitcase of clothes. Oddly enough, the suitcase in the picture is not his. Funny how I just noticed that anomaly. I guess this one must belong to the social worker that traveled with him on the airplane.

Joshua 1st gradeHere is my all time favorite picture of Josh. In true grown-up guy fashion, he hates it, but that's ok. I'm the mom, and I get to like it anyway. It was his school picture in the fall of 1977, just about 7 months after joining our family.

We were going to buy him shoes today, but given the appliance issue, gave him the option of a used refrigerator. That was his choice, so we spent an hour hunting the area for a used one. No luck at all, but we've put in his name with all the charities, and asked to be called if any of the stores get one in. So after all that, we took him home with no shoes and a bar fridge from our storage shed.

Oh, the little munchkin being held by dad is Steve. We pick him up at the airport tomorrow night, so you might get to meet him in the next few days, if he doesn't object. Sam is on the right. We don't really see him any more.

The Path to My Kitchen Door

In summer the grass
Is worn down to the earth;
That sandy, brown scar
Makes the lawn lose its worth.

In fall, broken sticks
Dropped by dogs can be found:
A hazard for mowing
Or walking around.

In winter my lovely
Ski path's full of dents.
Large "post holes" from boot steps
Cause me to lament.

In spring, that brown stripe
Just refuses to green;
No matter the season
It always is seen.

I foolishly wish
For suburban green lawn.
But if that were mine,
Oh! What would be gone?

"Hi Mom, I just came
For the phone," or "I locked
Myself out again; Where's
The spare key? I forgot."

"Hey, thanks for the help,
Mom, I love you, you know.
Shall I bring in the paper,
Or shovel some snow?"

Should I trade a hug
For green carpet galore?
No. I'll cherish that path
To my kitchen door.

by J.H. Young (sharkbytes)

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BK said...

A Belated Happy Birthday to Joshua. May he enjoy great health and happiness.

RNSANE said...

My oldest son turned 39 on the 17th - I can't believe the years have flown by so quickly! Warm birthday wishes to Joshua and congratulations to mom and dad.

Too bad about the refrigerator..but, considering all the snow in your area, he could probably just put his frozen foot out in the snow for a little while!

Your poem is great, Shark!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Happy birthday, Josh! I used to like Ponderosa too, but it closed by us so now we do Golden Corral and Hometown Buffet instead.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Joshua! Have a great year ahead..

VanillaSeven said...

Happy Belated Birthday Joshua! He really turned into a fine handsome man. What a great poetry Sharkie. Touching.

Secondary Roads said...

Happy Birthday to Josh. Indeed what we lose to have a pristine life? I remember a deep rut from our house to my grandparent's house next door. I was saddened when I sent back some time later and noticed that the path was gone.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Josh.
I just love that poem. I would certainly choose that path over a perfectly green lawn any day :)

Lin said...

I like that, Sharky. The poem, the story, the photos. I'd love to sit and just talk to you some day. There are so many interesting stories of your life that I would love to hear more about. In the meantime, thanks for sharing. :) Happy Birthday to Josh. And Happy Family day to all of you!

Rick (Ratty) said...

Joshua is very close to my age. A 40th birthday is a big milestone. I hope he had a happy one.

Sharkbytes said...

BK- Thank you!

Carmen- Yes, that outdoor fridge works well as long as the animals don't come hunting for free food. Actually, it's too cold except for things that can freeze. Well, he will get a refrigerator when the time is right! I'm glad you like the poem. It's a little sappy, but it's just how I feel about it. That idea has been percolating for several years, and finally boiled over into words.

Karen- We don't have either of those restaurants here, but they sound good!

Icy- Thank you! I'll give him the good wishes from all of you.

Hi Chuck- Oh, grandparents next door must have been such a treat for you kids. Hope the in-laws all got along!

wenn- thank you

Ann- Yes, it's really weird how every once in a while I get irritated with that path (like we have a real lawn- NOT), but the thought doesn't last long, because it really is neat that Josh is so comfortable coming here. He did a lot of angry years when he was younger.

Lin- OH I'm just chock full of stories, and most of the most unbelievable ones are true. Who knows, you aren't that far away?

Ratty- Wow... of course, I had been wondering what age range you fit into. Yes, it is a milestone... funny how it's only one more day than it was the day before, but those decade ones seem large.