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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monthly Winners!

There were 3 entries this time, and I guess participation doesn't have much to do with hard or easy, because all 3 people got them ALL right. I think next month we'll have a puzzle of some sort. So, since I forgot to say something like, "in case of a tie, the earliest entry wins," all three winners will get a free, 125 x 125 banner.

Here are the answers:
1. I was writing an article about traveling and suddenly found myself confused about Baltic vs. Balkan. Give me the names of 3 Baltic countries, and then 3 Balkans. (6 pts total)
The Balkan Peninsula includes Greece, and a bunch of countries to the north and east on the Adriatic Sea: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, and maybe Serbia and Romania. The Baltics are on the North Sea, across from the Scandinavian countries, and are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

2. I just started reading a book about the Underground Railroad in Ohio. What was the technical difference between those who sought abolition of slavery and those who favored emancipation of slaves? (2 pts)
Abolitionists wanted slavery eliminated immediately. Those who favored emancipation thought that immediate change would lead to social and political upheaval, and they wanted a gradual change which would culminate at the same goal- the end of slavery.

3. I managed to pull a muscle this week. Darn and ouch! Did I pull my sartorius or my sartorial? (1 pt)
The sartorius. It's the longest muscle in the body, going from the outside of the hip to the inside of the knee. It's the one that is pulled in groin injuries, although mine hurts on the hip, not the inner thigh where it's usually sore when this muscle is pulled. The word sartorial refers to tailoring and clothing. "Sartorial splendor" could describe a man who is all dressed up. The word actually comes from the name of the muscle, because tailors used to sit cross-legged to sew, and so that muscle would get stretched.

4. It's December. Wow! Name three other words that come from the same Latin root word. (3 pts)
December was named for the 10th month of the Roman year, and "dec" should ring bells with anyone. Words given as answers were decimal, decigram, decistere, decathlon, decagram, decade, decathlon, and decimeter.

5. The sun appears to move from north to south and back between the two yearly Solstices. In the northern hemisphere, at the winter solstice, is the sun at the most northern point of its track, or most southern? (1 pt)

6. For me, it's always about learning new things. Just tell me any two new things that you have learned from a blog recently. (2 pts)
Everyone had no trouble telling me two things.

So, who is it? The first entry in was from Carmen at Carmen's Chronicles
Second entry came from Ivy at Spinning Lovely Days
Just under the wire, snuck the Rat of The Everyday Adventurer

Look for their full size ads on the left. I didn't show him any favors, but Ratty did some nice "brown-nosing." He gave me a word that I had to look up: "decistere," which is a tenth of a stere or cubic meter, equal to 3.531 cubic feet. Who knew!? AND, and... he cited my posts about bluebirds as helping him to learn how to recognize them. So... maybe future contests will we weighted in favor of those who stroke my ego? Evil laugh. (probably not).

The Top Commenters
I like to give the top commenters of the past month a free link with a small icon in the sidebar. There were 63 total commenters- the most different people for a month yet! I really appreciate every one, and try to respond. There were 10 clear winners. Here they are:
Everyday Adventurer (Ratty- 37 comments)
My Journey (rainfield61- 17 comments)
Ann's Snap & Edit (Ann- 17 comments)
Carmen's Chronicles (Carmen- 17 comments)
Our Simple Life (Julia- 16 comments)
Secondary Roads (Chuck - 13 comments)
WillOaks Studio (Karen - 12 comments)
Dances of Dreams (IcyBC - 12 comments)
Duck and Wheel with String (Lin- 8 comments)
Vanilla Seven (VanillaSeven- 6 comments)

dog in vestdog in vest

One final word from Maggie:
Ruff! Several people asked about my vests. I have a really bright thin one that Mom made for me. I wore it Nov 15- December 1, because of gun-deer season. But I have a neoprene one that my mom's friend Irene gave us (because it was too small for Sandy Fe or Pearl). It's orange too, but faded. But it helps me stay warm in winter. I get cold! You can see the difference in these pictures.

See Contest Day- Win an Ad for a Month


RNSANE said...

Wow, this is kind of exciting...to be a winner of somehing! I think the contests are fun, a little stimulis for an aging brain such as mine!

Thanks, Shark!!!

rainfield61 said...

Thanks for your link.

wenn said...

interesting..congrats to the winners..

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

way to go winners! vest looks comfy maggie ;)

Rick (Ratty) said...

Yay! I'm a winner! Thanks for the wonderful prize. And congratulations to the other two winners. The thing about the bluebird was really the first thing I thought of. After unsuccessfully chasing blue jays all of last summer, I wanted to know the difference between the two birds. Bluebirds are harder to identify, especially from a distance. I like Maggie's vest. This makes me wonder if anyone makes slippers to keep a dog's feet warm, or if a dog could even tolerate something like that. It sounds funny, but my old dog could have used them.

Ann said...

Well congratulations to your winners. I never did get around to finding those answers although it was easier to just come back today and read them here..lol Wow I even made your list of commenters, thanks for the link

Auntie E said...

I must have miss the fun...I visit every day so I don't know how I missed it. I will have to keep me eyes open more. Congrats to those who won.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to all the winners! And thank you for the ad..

spinninglovelydays said...

YAY! I won! Thanks, Sharkbytes! I definitely learned so much from joining this contest. :)

Lin said...

Sheesh, Ratty KILLED this month! Wow, Ratty! Thanks for the link, Sharky. :)

Sharkbytes said...

To all who thanked me- It is I who thank you, for the feedback and the fun!

Ratty- they do indeed make neoprene dog booties. Most sled dogs wear them.