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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Last Official Toenail Casualty of My Quest

black and missing toenails

Remember my toes from a year ago? Both big toenails were black, and two others. By the time we started hiking this year the big toenails were finally grown out and healthy again, with the smaller toes in good shape too.

Despite 350 miles of "official" hiking this summer, only three toenails were damaged. Sadly, the worst was that nice healed left big toe. I smacked it, hard, on a rock, and knew it was a goner. At least the old nail has come off cleanly instead of remaining on top of the new nail in a messy double layer that is really hard to cut.

Now, don't go saying "gross," or "ouch." They don't hurt at all. If you are going to be a hiker, this sort of thing is a fact of life. But, don't you think it's a little sad? These are the last toenails I can damage as part of my official North Country Trail Quest.

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Duxbury Ramblers said...

They look like hikers feet, mine are not as bad as they use to be but I still have to look for nails on my little toes, seems they gave up years ago.

Jen said...

I won't say 'ouch', though I want to. But I will say 'ewww'. Can't you get steel toed hiking boots?

Rick (Ratty) said...

The last time I lost a nail was on my thumb. I smashed my thumb a little bit at work. It didn't fall off. It just kind of stopped growing for a short time. It was a relief that it happened, in an odd sort of way.

Lin said...

Oh, don't I know all about "Old Toenail"! I lost one of mine right before I was going to Florida for a trip and I superglued that mutha back on! A little bit 'o polish and that guy looked good as new.

Okay, so Old Toenail let go a few days after we came home, but we did have one last trip together. Sigh. Good times, good times.

May you enjoy your memories of Old Toenails and make many new ones with New Toenails!

Jaya said...

Eeeeeeek, this post sure brings back memories. I'm no hiker, but I did lose the big toe nail on my left foot after a big toe versus shopping cart incident. It sure takes a long time to grow a whole new nail again, but I'm pleased to say I've done it. I wish your toes speedy healing.

Sharkbytes said...

Carol- yeah... the little toe ones are tiny anyway, and one is split.

Jen- actually I'm going the other way, to trail runners. That's probably why the toe stubbing did so much damage

Ratty- another clue about you... you use tools at work.

Lin- Memories with New Toenails! Now that must be a title in search of an essay!

Jaya- yup, it sure does take quite a while on those big toes!

Emma Springfield said...

I stopped by for your contest. I actually read this when you posted it but I didn't comment at the time. This has been a toughie at times but I have picked up some new information.