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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Photo Essay

The day ended up yielding several unrelated images, so I think I'll just call them another photo essay!

picnic food line

The BIG project of the day was to get out to the work site with the evening's food. I was planning have breakfast with me too, and to stay all night. However, the spaghetti sauce for tomorrow night was still cooking and I didn't have some computer stuff done, so I decided to come home for the night. I have to be out there at 6:30 in the morning! This is just the beginning of the food line. People actually wandered in for about an hour, and then I packed up and came home.

yellow labs

This is Cedar and Teak. You've met them before (see link to Four Dogs and a Friend). Can you tell them apart? It's really hard. Cedar has a redder nose. Their people are part of the work crew that I'm feeding.


This is a surprise! I found a sedum growing on the edge of the cemetery. The grounds keepers throw all kinds of things toward and in the gully. So a couple of years ago I dug it up and plopped it in my flower bed. I really like the tones in it... hope it is happy and continues to thrive.


Finally, at the end of it all, what a nice reward! I did not touch this up at all.

For the rest of the week I'll probably be posting mid-day. See you after breakfast!

See Four Dogs and a Friend


Julia said...

Wonderful sunset photo. What a great capture! Makes me breathe a sigh of relief for beauty.

RNSANE said...

Beautiful sunset and beautiful sedum. The dogs are sweet and it really is hard to tell the difference in the two!

rainfield61 said...

We always find surprise, and we always miss 100% of the shots we don't take.

It is so lucky you have taken them all.

jeanlivingsimple said...

Beautiful capture of the sunset!

Secondary Roads said...

Lovely sedum and a very nice sunset.

The Retired One said...

A very pretty sunset..you should enter it in my Free Photo Contest...August's theme is Sunrises or Sunsets you know!!

Ann said...

I have sedum in my front yard, planted a couple years ago and this year was the first I've seen it flower.
Beautiful sunset picture. what a nice way to end the day