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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter and Winner

blizzard of 2011

We can't match Lin's 24 inches of snow for this storm, but we did get 14 inches. The big problem is that it blew, and blew, and blew! I got up at 5:30 and cleared the driveway so Om could get out, and cleared it again at 10 am so that he could get back in. It had drifted closed in those five hours. The picture above is our front yard. The drift is only about 4 feet high... hardly memorable for us.

blizzard of 2011

By contrast, check out the blizzard of January 1977. Steve was two. That's him in front. Our oldest (we don't see him anymore) dug out the tunnel, and is peeking through from the back. Why were they doing so much digging? That's in our driveway. The highway was only two lanes then, and it drifted completely shut, deep enough to cover a car. The car's owner spent a night with us. They had to clear the road with a front-end loader.

But, I know why you really came by. You want to know the winner of the contest to pick a craft project for Ivy's coming baby.


She chose the "Teddyghan," a blanket that looks like a teddy bear, and she would like it made in yellow. This pattern was submitted by Ann, of Ann's Snap, Edit and Scrap. Ann always has a few projects of her own going! So Ann wins an ad for a month, and I'll show you how this project progresses. (The picture is not mine- from the pattern page)

Other entries came from my SIL Loretta (no blog)
Chin Chin at Stay at Home Blessings
Ian at A Lonely Planet It Is Not
Sir Rob of Be a Lifesaver of Goodness


Secondary Roads said...

We may have had a bit more snow here than you had up there. I just posted some pix of my "fun" day. Let's hope it stays nice and quiet (weather wise) for a while.

ian said...

i had a wee bit experience with snow when we were trapped in Asheville NC Dec2009. To this day, i maintain, as a tropical country denizen, snow is just nice to look at! nothing more!

PS- that pattern looks mighty fine =] ivy's lil one will surely be bear-y snug in that =]

Auntie E said...

It miss us this time, but it looks like you got your share. I love the photos looking back. I was remembering the 60's and living in New York. We had a blizzard, It was two feet deep and we help my brother deliver papers. Oh yeah those were the days,lol.
Those are great blankets. Congrats to the winner.

Stay at Home Blessings by Chin chin said...

Now, I'm thinking if having snow is really that fun. It's hard work for you out there.

Oh. I didn't win, anyway, you're so kind for sharing my link.

God bless.

humble opinion by sirrob said...

Yayks.. Another bad winter snow and me not getting the price is bad too. LOL

Thanks for promoting my blog. And I have made my own promoting as well. Your site this time. You can check the link in this post. LOL

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- The band south of us did get more snow, although we got more than was expected. Yes, you had an interesting day!

ian- thanks for entering and being a good sport about the winner. Snow may be an acquired taste.

Auntie E- ah... blizzards in New York! I've done a bunch of those too. I do enjoy sharing an older pic from time to time.

Chin-Chin- Thanks so much for entering and being a good sport. It is a lot of work. Most days I don't mind.

sir rob- Well, it's all a trick to keep you coming back until you win :-). I'll check it out!

RNSANE said...

Seeing all these pictures on people's blogs of mountains of snow just makes me so glad I chose to live in the San Francisco area. Of course, we do have an occasional earthquake which can be frightening but I'll take my chances over all that snow.

wiseacre said...

Ah, the good old days when an upstairs window became the front door after a little snowstorm.

sisko said...

We haven't had snow like that since 2008 and I kind of miss it. Every time there is snow forecast everyone is talking 'the storm of the century' and then we get flurries.

Ann said...

You and Lin both beat us for snow. We didn't get much just very cold temperatures.
I can't wait to see how that teddyghan comes out. I thought those were adorable. Thanks for the ad

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- You are NUTS- I'll take snow over earthquakes any day!!!

wiseacre- I've seen a few of those!

sisko- Well, I'm glad you haven't had the really bad storms. They are ok when everyone has the right equipment, but not so much if people aren't prepared.

Ann- Yes, I'd have a hard time enjoying winter in Indiana or Ohio... just cold and not enough snow.

spinninglovelydays said...

Congrats to Ann! Just stopping by to say hello.

medical safety said...

Naah, you don't need to trick me now. I'll surely will come back here even there's no contest.

Thanks once again, the small badge in your sidebar is just like I won something. LOL

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