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Monday, March 19, 2012

Two Dog Tales

My friend Loren had to come down my way today, and she stopped by so we could go on a hike back by the river. I have some interesting pictures of things we found, but I think I have to tell you two dog stories first. Actually, I'll let the dogs tell you themselves. Maggie's tale is from Saturday, Corky's is from today.


Maggie's Story

Mom put the small yellow backpack with my hiking food bowl in it by the front door, and then my leash, so I knew it was going to be a good morning. I heard a car pull in the driveway, so I barked so Mom would know. It was Ellen, and we all got in her car. I like that because it's easier to get in her back seat. My legs don't work quite as well as they used to.

We drove a while and stopped at the same place Mom and I went on Thursday, but it was a lot different today. Instead of just Mom and me there were a whole lot of other people there. Corky and Cedar came too, and I know them, but there was another big yellow dog who came too. It was pretty confusing.

After the people talked for a while and Mom made everyone get in a funny bunch all close together where she pointed that thing she carries on a strap at us, we started walking the trail. There really were too many people.

At first, I was right beside Mom, and she was talking with someone. Then suddenly I couldn't find her. I couldn't find her anywhere! Why were there so many people today? This wasn't much fun.

But I knew where the car was. I ran all the way back to the car, even though it was Ellen's car. But I couldn't open the door, and no one was there. I was sad and scared. I sat down beside the car and barked. I barked and barked and barked until my voice was squeaky.

Finally, and it was oh, so long, Mom came and petted me and told me it was ok, and took me back to where everyone was.

Whew! She watched me better for the rest of the day, and I stayed closer too, but I had a scary morning.

Bichon frieze

Corky's Story

My mom took Cedar and me to that other lady's house today, that lady that Maggie lives with. We went to the store first, but at this place, Mom got out her backpack and then we all walked away from the house. It was a place I hadn't walked before.

I'm smaller than the other dogs, but that has nothing to do with anything. I'm all heart, and I'm the alpha dog. Everyone knows that!

We went a lot of interesting places. There were some steep slopes, and at the bottom was lots of black mud with interesting things to smell. We even found some places where Cedar and I could get in the water and cool off. Maggie doesn't like to get wet. I don't know why.

We went a lot of places, and Mom and the other lady did some goofy things like kneeling down in the mud and pointing those things on straps at plants. Plants! Who cares about them? I walked on some to point out how stupid that was, but I got yelled at.

Anyway, we finally got to a place where the water was wider and cleaner and there was a walkway made of boards that went right out into the water. We all went out there, 'cause Mom didn't like all the mud on her legs and wanted to wash. The water was right up to the edge of the wood. Suddenly, I slipped and went in the water. No big deal, I'm a great swimmer.

But the current was strong, really strong! I tried to climb back on the wood, but the water was pulling me so bad. Mom tried to grab me, but she wasn't fast enough, and I got pulled right under the wood! I could hear footsteps on the wood, and yelling. I tried to turn around and swim back but the water was too fast and I couldn't breathe! When I stuck my head up, it bumped wood and I couldn't get to the air.

I saw an arm come in the water where I went in but I couldn't get to it. Then there was an arm behind me, but it didn't find me. Then there was another arm where I went in, but it was even farther away.

Suddenly, I popped up to the surface and I could get a breath again. Wow. That was important. But I was swimming as hard as I could and I was getting farther from the wood thing. I tried and tried!

Then the other lady reached out with that stick she walks with and stuck it behind my head. The stick was just long enough. I swam and she pulled and Mom cheered me on, and pretty soon Mom got ahold of me.

Mom said I looked like a little wrung-out mop, but she seemed really glad to get me back on that wood.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note from the human. Maggie's story is just kind of funny, and maybe a little sad. Corky's story was genuinely scary.

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Lin said...

Yikes! I think both dogs earned a comfy bed and a warm meal after a day like that. I'm sure that was scary for both dogs.

Ann said...

That was some outing for both of them. I would say that they both deserve some extra treats after such a day

vanilla said...

Funny and sad, or scary it is quite special that you were able to get into the dogs' heads and get their story out onto the blog.

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- I think Maggie felt more scared than Corky, but Corky was actually the one in danger.

Ann- I gave Maggie an extra bit of dinner.

vanilla- That's me, the dog whisperer.

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