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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bloggy Stuff

If you were a member of the Adgitize network, have you noticed changes in the circle of bloggers we frequent since they folded? My traffic is down, comments are way down, and my motivation on my other blogs is lower too. (Adgitize rewarded us for regular blogging.) In all honesty, I'm only visiting blogs that really interest me, not a wide selection from a network. I've found several more nature blogs and a couple of new personal ones I'm reading and commenting on, but if I'm getting return traffic, the visitors aren't commenting. I visit 50 blogs pretty regularly.

However, my motivation for this blog hasn't lessened. It's just difficult to find new readers. Entrecard isn't much use these days, either. When I even remember to place ads, they get almost no clicks.

Are any of you finding good ways to attract new readers?

As I'm sure you noticed, I changed the background for spring. Here's the original picture of a mini-iris 'Katharine Hodgkin:'

Iris Katharine Hodgkin

I did a kaleidoscope design with it, and came up with this:


And I also made a new 125x125 image that will start showing up on Entrecard ads soon:

ad image

It's just over a month until my birthday. I'm thinking about another contest. How about it? Would you participate? What kinds of prizes would you like to see?

See More About the Contest for last year's prizes
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Glynis Peters said...

Funny you should write this post, Sharks. I have been finding the same. Although, I have found since upping my visits on entrecard, my traffic has risen again.

John said...

I'll take part in the contest as long as it's not too tricky :-)

There are some fantastic blogs that aren't on any ad network. I normally use Google blogsearch a couple of times a week to search for subjects I'm interested in.

Lin said...

I was just thinking the same as I went through my blogroll--a lot of my blog pallies are quitting or aren't around anymore. I have to start looking around for some new blogs to read and follow. I've lost a couple followers in the last few weeks and even my comments are down too.

Let me know if you find any new blogs that are good and I'll do the same. I think we need to start a push for new pallies!

Ann said...

I never did Adgitize and even though I haven't gotten rid of Entrecard I no longer drop or even log in to it. I pretty much quit seeking out new blogs or followers because I have a hard time keeping up now. If however I find a new one or a new one finds me I do add them

Carolyn said...

Is it helpful to the blogger when a reader comments? I tend to be a lurker, but I read this blog every day. If comments are helpful, please let us lurkers know!

john bain said...

Sometimes I struggle to find time for visiting, but I always try to keep faith with my regular commenters. It's only polite to do that I feel. My followers rise very slowly.
If commenters isn't a word, it jolly well ought to be! :-)

rainfield61 said...

The last one is really gorgeous.

David Norris said...

My site gets about a hundred and ten hits a day just by people googling my site or what I am writing about. Comments come from some campers I used to work with and others on the scenery on our site. What kind of hit numbers are you talking about?

Sharkbytes said...

Glynis- I think Entrecard users are clicking back on people that visit them, but the "dropping" on cards is nearly non-existent.

John- I'm sure you are right about other great blogs. I've found a few by searching. I'm doing a lot of commenting, but it looks like most of those bloggers aren't interested in blogging relationships, just in posting (their choice of course, but we all like readers!)

Lin- I've thought about adding a page with my regular blog list, but keeping up one more thing seems a bit daunting.

Ann- your interests are kind of eclectic like mine, so finding blogs of interest can be tough.

Carolyn! I am really thankful for each and every reader. I know there are a number of people like you who may not comment, and it makes me really happy to hear from you once in a while. I checked your profile and it looks like you don't have a blog so I can reciprocate, but I'll try to remember that you are here.

John- Thanks so much! You've become one of my best bloggy friends, and I do appreciate how much time it takes to visit everyone.

rainfield- you are always faithful! I think that's one of the prettiest kaleidoscope images I've ever made.

Dave- I've dropped from about 700/day to about 500. I had dreams of 1000/day, but that's not looking good for the near future.

betchai said...

i love your new background, I had been thinking of changing mine for spring, but somehow, have not done it yet up to now :(

love love the flowers, so pretty. the kaleidoscope effect is so interesting.

i am not in adgitize and entercard, i used them before but stopped many years ago because of time constraint. i check my google analytics, and most of my traffic are from google readers, sometimes i wonder why i post my links in Facebook when I have very few clicks from Facebook, which I am thinking could be just from my blogging friends, and very few friends who understand me that blogging is part of my joy in life :) I am very happy though with the friends I found in the internet through blogging, and I really look up to you a lot.

David Norris said...

Hits depend on topics. When I wrote on the Joplin tornado I got over 1750 hits in one day. That was my best day ever.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I only started my blog to let my grandchildren see & know what we were up to, other people reading it is great, I have other interests and so some weeks I am spread very thinly, like today I have been so busy I forgot dinner and almost tea. Now I will have my tea and to top it all we have to put the clocks on an hour tonight - British Summer Time. :)

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