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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nature's Alphabet 2- F-J

I've had the pictures for the next set of letters for quite a while, but it takes a long time to get the pages on my Shark Shots web site. It wouldn't have taken as long, but I decided to make some serious coding changes, and I didn't want to post the second alphabet set without fixing the pages for the first set.

I've finally got things to the point where it's not too difficult to make the transition for the old pages. Whew.

Anyway, here are five more letters!

The letter F as seen in a butterfly wing

the letter F

The letter G as seen in a rotting log

the letter G

The letter H as seen in fertile fern fronds

the letter H

The letter I as seen in a damaged tree

the letter I

The letter J as seen in a caterpillar

the letter J

These are fun! It just takes a while...

See Nature's Alphabet 2- A-E
See Nature's Alphabet 1- F-J
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Ann said...

These are great. I tried doing something like this once before but other than the easy letters I had a hard time finding them. Like that G, I never would have spotted that.

gallerydarrow said...

You're having too much fun! Thanks for sharing!!


john bain said...

That is clever. The trouble is now I'm going to be looking for letters everywhere.

Catherine said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a kind comment. This was a fun post...I always enjoy these games. I am happy to say that I found all the letters!!
I look forward to your visit again soon! Blessings for a beautiful weekend, your friend, Catherine xo

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- They aren't too hard to find except for R and G. Sometimes B is tough. The hardest part with this set is that I want them to be different from the first set.

Ro- You can have this much fun too! Jump in.

John- yes, once you start you can't make yourself stop seeing them.

Catherine- Thanks for the comment. I visit your blog fairly often, but lurk more than comment (as I'm sure you know)

Lin said...

I like when you do these, Sharkey! You have such a good eye for letters in nature.

Hey, I saw the opossum in our yard last night and I thought of you. They always remind me of you. I think I first read your blog when you had an opossum in your yard too. :)

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