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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flamingos- Three's a Crowd

Down on the beach... a late summer fling. Gerald and Heloise necking. Oh!

plastic flamingos on beach

"Well, this is certainly a shock. Heloise, how could you? You can call my lawyer, I'm filing for divorce in the morning."

plastic flamingos on beach

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Ratty said...

This reminds me of a place I lived a long time ago. There were pink flamingos like these out by the road.

Ann said...

must have been quite a shock finding Gerald and Heloise on the beach like that :)

Secondary Roads said...

Ha ha ha. That's funny. I never knew that plastic flamingos did such things. As my mom would say, "Live and learn."

vanilla said...

Those things are ubiquitous. And now we learn they are fickle, too.

Lin said...

Oh, the shame! I hope no children caught sight of those shenanigans.

RNSANE said...

I was thinking it strange to find flamingos on a beach in your area. They have them here in India but I haven't been out to see them. I'm still looking for peacocks, the national bird...I know there are many of them around but I always seem to miss them.

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