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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Quality in Today is Nothing

Word order matters in English. "The quality in today is nothing" is not the same thing as "nothing in today is quality."

Finally, this week I got to sleep as long as I wanted (needed?) after a night of work. I got up. I ate something. I sat in my chair and read blogs and did some computer stuff. I played games. I sat in the dark and the quiet, listening to the rain. I have needed a day like this for quite a while.

For a visual, I'll leave you with a picture of a family treasure (only to me). This turkey shaped candy dish was always part of our fall and Christmas holidays as a child. It was often filled with ribbon candy. A long time ago the dish broke into about 20 pieces. I couldn't bear to throw it away, but packed it in a box. I found it a couple of months ago. This week, with the help of crazy glue, I have restored it to usefulness. Sure, if you look closely it's covered with break lines. I don't care. I'm glad to have it back on my table.

turkey candy dish

If you would like to know more about how that table came to be so clean and good looking in the house of this piggy person, you can read Beating a Horrible Housekeeper into Cleaning Up the Mess. You might find it amusing.

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Loritenor said...

WOW...first I am impressed with the restored Turkey. A cool heirloom and now it can be filled with candy! I need to remember to have you help with my little box of "broken but can't throw items." The 2nd "wow" is for the table cause I know there were more than 15 things on that table so you really were disciplined in sticking to that project. I like the 5 items idea...neat idea. Can't wait for Thanksgiving around your table!

rainfield61 said...

A good long sleep should not be a luxury.

Ann said...

those kinds of days are necessary every now and then.
I'm off to read that other post because I need to know how to beat this housekeeper into cleaning up the mess around here

vanilla said...

Nice job on the candy dish. Demonstrates patience, pereverence and painstaking placement of pieces.
Also, I picked up the used tissue and put it in the wastebasket. May I play a game now?

Sharkbytes said...

Loretta- Guess I'd better start planning a meal. But I think we shouldn't go nuts on the food list.

rainfield- I TOTALLY agree, but life keeps intruding

Ann- did it help?

vanilla- You may certainly play a game! But you don't seem much like a game person to me... is there an aspect I don't know?

vanilla said...

Oh, you might be surprised. Scrabble, Rummikub seated at table with opponents. I don't do online games, except for crossword puzzles.

RNSANE said...

I had a couple of broken treasures that I'd kept, in hopes of patching them up someday. However, with the job loss and downsizing, I just said, "to heck with it".

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