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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Joy Boulevard


Yup. It's real.

Joy Boulevard

That said, none of these pictures is of that exact road. But you know these kinds of roads always bring me joy. However, they do have their own names. First is Astor Road, taken in July.

Astor Rd.

Then Deerpath, in August. It's almost like they designed it to be picture perfect.

Deerpath Rd.

And finally, Winter Road, not quite October, on the last day of September. This is the road that took me past yesterday's lovely lake.

Winter Road

These were all new to me (at least the particular piece I pictured). I guess I am something of a new-experience junkie. Any day that has a new dirt road, or a new plant, or whatever, is a fun day!

Most of the roads here are the straight-cut, quarter-section lines laid out when the Northwest Territory was surveyed. But some escaped those boring surveyors!

See Lone Elk Road
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Ann said...

somehow even the straight dirt roads always seem more interesting than the paved roads.
I like how the road curves around that tree in the second picture

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I feel exactly he same way about new dirt roads or new plants, Joan. It's such a high. I also have this insatiable curiosity about following dirt tracks that lead off from the country roads I travel daily. So many are private property, so no chance to really do so, but I dream about where they lead...

vanilla said...

Fun to get outside the straight lines occasionally.

Lin said...

Coming from Illinois, Land of Flat, Straight roads, I really appreciate these!

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

What lovely, lovely roads to explore and journey!

Secondary Roads said...

I love those kind of roads too. They always seem so inviting to me.

You have Joy Blvd, and we have Bliss Rd. And yes, Bliss is a dirt road.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- true enough, although some of the flat dirt roads through rather barren land don't have too much appeal.

Aaron- I get to see some of the private ones with my job.

vanilla- yes the non-engineer side of my brain needs it

Lin- I'll try to bring you one every so often!

Rose- I knew you would like them.

Chuck- Bliss IS a dirt road!

Unknown said...

All those roads look so inviting.

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