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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two Lakes and a View


Out doing cases today, and it was just a lovely day with blue sky and water. Can't complain about sharing those with you! This is Big Star Lake.

Big Star Lake

And this is Walkup Lake. This area is blessed with thousands of small lakes, most ringed with cottages. Fortunately, most also have public access sites. Both of these lakes do.

Walkup Lake

Here's one of the best local vistas on a road. I've shown you this one before, in winter, although I can't seem to find the post it was in. This is on M-37 at the top of an un-named ridge north of Baldwin. If Peacock still had a post office that would be its address. The view is looking south, so Baldwin is down there somewhere in the trees.

Peacock view M-37

The air was nice and clear today, so I pulled it in with the zoom. What can you see down there? More trees!

Peacock view M-37

We will receive an email about the casting for Buried Child tomorrow.

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Secondary Roads said...

Those are nice shots. I thought I'd like living on a lake, but then I checked out prices and restrictions. I prefer our "out in the country" digs. Plenty of elbow room.

I hope your receive good news tomorrow. Will be watching for you to share the results.

Ann said...

The lake pictures look inviting. I could use a nice relaxing day at the lake.
Can't wait to hear if you got the part

vanilla said...

Beautiful views, indeed!

RNSANE said...

What a nice job, if you can having vistas such as these in front of you. Thanks for sharing them with us, Joan. Simply beautiful scenes.

Are these good fishing lakes?

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