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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Time this Year/ Season

The wind died down a bit this afternoon, and the sun threatened to come out. I figured it was my window of opportunity. Of course I wasn't fast enough with the camera, or else it didn't catch it, but the sun on the blowing snow crystals made rainbow shimmers through the Tyndall Effect of sun rays. You'll have to imagine it.

Tyndall effect

So, what did I do? Can you tell? Hint- lower center

snowshoeing shadow

How do you spell snowshoe-er? Well, I was one. I'm horribly out of shape. I did about half of my big loop. That was plenty.

snowshoe tracks

I never get tired of the shape of the sumac trees in the winter. They always offer interesting shapes to tease the eye. Do you like them against the dark pines?

sumac branches

Or against the white sky?

sumac branches

As I approached the house there was a huge patch of blue sky, with mare's tails, a sign of change.

mare's tails clouds

Change we got, but maybe not better. Soon after I came in, the wind started howling again. The driveway was OK when I was snowshoeing, and I hope it's not terrible in the morning. I have to go to work.

See It Just Keeps Coming for first snowshoeing last season
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Ann said...

snowshoeing would likely kill me because I'm way past horribly out of shape.
Wade is out shoveling now, we got hit last night. If he doesn't get it done before I have to leave I'll be walking to work this morning.

vanilla said...

Echoing Ann's first sentence.
The wind is back with a vengeance this morning, which mean digging out again. *growl*

Secondary Roads said...

The snowy sumac are lovely. It's nice to see blue sky this time of year in Michigan. Unfortunately, it comes at a price--bitter cold temps.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- you got that much snow? Except that the wind drifted it we only have about 8 inches.

Vanilla- yes, here too, with much predicted for the next couple of days

Chuck- Yup. 6 degrees here with -10 windchill.

Unknown said...

Love the sumac, with either background.

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