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Monday, January 5, 2015

Not Much To See Here

We've re-entered winter. I got the driveway cleared, but it is bitterly cold. Just a few visitors at the feeder. Blue jays and chickadees. The camera doesn't like to focus through the window, so all you get to see is the back of a chickadee.

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Not a New Year's Resolution, but I'm trying to respond to comments again. I get discouraged about it off and on.

See Tweaking the Bird Feeder
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Unknown said...

Saw a group of about a dozen bluejays the other day. Never knew they traveled in flocks but looked it up and , yes, they have been known to.

Small Kucing said...

Happy New Year!

havent seen any blue jay at my place :( Too much of a city

RNSANE said...

Ajusting to the cold ( only down to freezing here in the Sacramento area and no snow ) here which really wreaks havoc with my arthritic joints. I made the two hour drive to San Francisco for the first round with my docs - took four hours in a torrential storm in a weekday commute. Got both my right shoulder and knee injected with cortisone - doc tells me they need to be replaced. Maybe after next visit to India.

Occasionally hear birds chirping outdoors but don't see them.

Ratty said...

I wish I could attract a few more birds around here. I've had a few feeders, but the birds don't ever go near them. On the other hand, most of my bird pictures since living here come from right outside my door.

Lin said...

I've got a big old hawk frequenting my yard, picking off the little birdies. Ugh. We'd send Hobbes out to keep him at bay, but now it is too cold for him. He's keeping us safe by the fire.

Lots more chickadees lately. We lost them all a few years ago. It's nice to see them return.

Secondary Roads said...

One of Blogger's short-comings is that it doesn't notify us of reply comments. Don't know if switching to threaded comments (a Blogger option) would give you that capability.

Not that it matters, for I do go back and read comments on your previous posts.

Ann Thompson said...

It's been very cold here and we're supposed to get a boat load of snow by tomorrow.
Spring's on the way right?

Sharkbytes said...

Gayle, they sure seem to form small flocks here in the winter.

Carmen- no birdies to see? That is sad.

Ratty- they like some nearby shrubs or trees for "safety" as well as the feeder

Chuck- the whole blog needs an over-haul. Since they dumped my ability to edit my template I need to start over from scratch. Just haven't been motivated.

Ann- I think we are not over the hump yet... sorry to tell you!

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