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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snowy Orchard

This apple orchard is about 35 miles from my house, but I've seen it quite often. It's on the paper route we used to do, and it's on the main route to Silver Lake. I go there to do cases quite a lot, as I did today.

It's exceptionally well cared for with each tree carefully pruned to keep the tops open. With the couple inches of snow we had last night every branch is defined.

apple orchard in winter

I like how the look and the color changes if you just shift your angle a little. And you can get good pictures, because it's on a slight hill.

apple orchard in winter

A closer view is a study in light and dark.

apple orchard in winter

See Apple Orchard in the Rain
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Secondary Roads said...

I love apple orchards. The small town where I grew up was surrounded by apple orchards.

Ann Thompson said...

There's an apple orchard not far from my house. Now I want to go take a look at it again and see how similar or different it looks to yours here

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