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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Ten Degrees Better

  Cathy and I went for a short hike at Ludington State Park this afternoon. The heat continues to be brutal at my house, but as is usually the case in summer it was literally at least ten degrees cooler at the lake. Much nicer for walking.

We took the Island Trail north. This is from one of the boardwalks over the shallows of Hamlin Lake. Hamlin Lake

Lots of yellow flags (wild iris). It's too bad the yellow ones are alien because they are so pretty. yellow flags

Just an interesting stump in the water. stump in the water

You know I'm a sucker for nifty patterns. I like the contrast of the dark rippled reflections of the stems with the white ripples of the water. ripples

Hamlin Lake at the north end of the Island Trail Hamlin Lake

Then we turned around and went back to the Lost Lake Trail and took it away from the lake, then cut back toward Hamlin on the Lighthouse Trail. I'm going to show you more about that section another day. When we got back to Lost Lake, the trail is once again on boardwalks beside the water. Saw this gorgeous wood strip canoe. wood strip canoe

By the time we were finished, the fog was rolling in from Lake Michigan. Here's the obligatory big lake picture. Ha! Can't see a thing. That's why lighthouses were invented. fog

By the time I got home, these thunderheads were building. Someone may get rain, but I don't think it's going to be us. storm clouds

We hiked about 4.5 miles.

In other news. You need to be proud of me. I was outside at 7 am, before I even had coffee, digging the rest of the autumn olive out of the yard. Now I can mow, as soon as I get gas. It's been too hot to even think about digging up bushes. I also got groceries on the way home and did some editing.

Ludington State Park, MI, Island Trail and parts of the Lost Lake and Lighthouse Trails

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Ann said...

Looks beautiful there.
We got hit with a downpour yesterday. Once it stopped raining everything dried up really quick and it was more humid.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- The rain sounds good, but sorry it didn't cool things off.

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