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Thursday, August 19, 2021

My Trailer Redo - Days 131, 132 - Second Bench Front

  I wanted to wait until the entire second bench is done to post about it, but I've worked on the trailer all day long, and this is the only thing that's completed to show. fiberglass trailer interior bench

This is the bench that I made long enough for me to sleep on. The front is now completely installed (and that electric socket is hooked up again) and I'm working on the seats, which you may remember are also the lids to the storage and need hinges. I'm trying to get the boards sanded so I can put one coat of polyurethane on yet tonight. We will see. I'm really running out of steam which is too bad since it's finally cooling down a little.

Yes, the wall covering that was in place is down. It got painted today. May also put that back in if I get the poly-u done.

There is no other news. I've been working on the trailer since nine this morning.

See Interior Electric

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