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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Fort Abercrombie and... - Day 240

  The highlight of today was Fort Abercrombie. Although I've been here several times before, there was a nice surprise. They have a lovely new Visitor Center and Museum.
Fort Abercrombie Museum

The fort was built in 1858, and it was the Ellis Island of the Dakota territory. You really needed to pass through here if you were headed for the prairie. It was the first fort in what became North Dakota. From this point, a network of military roads and forts expanded across the area. I've already mentioned Fort Ransom, and the military/stagecoach route that went by the log cabin.

This is a reconstructed blockhouse that would have been at one of the corners of the fort.
Fort Abercrombie

When the fort was decommisioned in 1877, the buildings were sold. This is good recycle/reuse practice, but hard on history! However, the original guardhouse was found and restored on the site.
Fort Abercrombie guardhouse

The no-nonsense interior has a barred cell along one half, and a bed, table, and small cupboards in the other half.
Fort Abercrombie guardhouse

One of the main reasons the fort was built in this location is that it was the farthest upstream that steamboats could navigate on the Red River (the Red River of the North that flows to Hudson Bay). This was already a fairly active location for traders and trappers. There was a ford across the river. Oxcart (I talk about these in North Country Quest) routes converged here.
Red River

But, do you know what happens on the other side of the river? You are in Minnesota!!! I finished my 5th NCT state today. And, I broke 2900 miles.

Miles today: 15.4. Total miles so far: 2909.3

Really tired again. Not sure why exactly, but I'm keeping this post short so I can get to bed.

See What is a National Scenic Trail?


Janine Lim said...

Congratulations for finishing North Dakota!!

vanilla said...

Minn e sow ta! You betcha!

Sharkbytes said...

Janine- thanks!

Vanilla- uff da

The Oceanside Animals said...

Chaplin: "Hmm Dennis's old friend Stella always used to refer to that place as 'Minnesnowda', but it looks like the snow is on vacation for the summer ..."