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Saturday, April 6, 2024

A Day of Favorites

 A lot of really favorite things today. The weather was absolutely how I like it. Cool air, warm sun. We started with jackets, but ended up in shirtsleeves. The sky was clear blue.

It was the monthly hike for the Spirit of the Woods Chapter. We had 53 people, three dogs, and a ferret! These two pictures got all but three of the hikers. The group quickly split up into small groups or singles, so it didn't feel like a total herd except at the very beginning.
group of hikers
groups of hikers

We hiked south from M20 on the North Country Trail. Part of that section is through a pine plantation.
hiker in red pines

Madeline and Roxy get acquainted.
two dogs saying hello

Most everyone hiked as far as the White River, about 3.25 miles, and back.
White River

That was my intention, but once I got that far, I couldn't stop. There was a group that went on to Echo Drive. This is part of the group.
Echo Drive crossing North Country Trail

So, that was 4.25 miles, for a hike total of 8.5. Then I continued on to the south, until I got to Marianne's house in Ohio. I made the trip today because the hike was already an hour south of my house. We visited, we did a little work, then we went to town...
...for ice cream! I tried Nutty BonBon. Mostly peanut butter in a vanilla base. Yum.
ice cream

Total miles hiked in 2024: 183.8 of which 64.3 is North Country Trail.

Lovely day, perfect weather, a hike on the NCT, a car that runs, a friend, ice cream!

See SPW at Big M


Ellie said...

Sounds like a perfect day. We live in Ann Arbor, but we definitely need to get to the west side of state to hike some sections of the NCT. You are inspiring me to see more of our state.

Ann said...

Sounds like a great day to me. Especially ending in ice cream :)

Sharkbytes said...

Ellie- you'll love it!

Ann- yup!