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Friday, April 19, 2024

Team C-J for the Win Yet Again

 Well, it appears that the last time I had the living room really clean was 2018, although Nov 2019 was probably close. And, no, it's not really clean now. And I didn't take a before picture, but this is the after. I know... there's still a lot of stuff. But you should have seen how much there was. Cathy came over and we spent two hours tackling this mess.
boxes piled in a room

The couch is out of the picture on the right side, and it is clear (which it wasn't two days ago). As in... people can actually sit on it and use it as designed.

When I started working in earnest on the trailer project, all the wood, foam, moldings, etc were stored in the area you see here, in addition to everything you can still see.

So, where did all that stuff go?

We still have one viable out building. There was so much junk just thrown in the entrance way... We broke down about 50 dead boxes and pulled out some things that can go to recycle or the township cleanup day this spring. Again, no before picture. Not even an after picture. This is the middle of the project when it was cleaned out enough to move all the leftover building materials to this space.

Sure, I prefer having a cleaner house, but what has kicked me into a higher gear? Steve is coming for a visit in 2.5 weeks. We need enough space to at least have four people hanging around together and to eat meals. I have some hopes for part of the dining room table, but I'm not positive.

And, I edited, and managed to get 100 miles of campsites logged. I am whipped.

Just for perspective, You know I've been lamenting the utter mess here since I finished the hike. Well, I have emptied the boxes from and cleaned the kitchen (the floor was covered with boxes), cleaned and redecorated my bedroom, widened the aisle through the dining room by one whole row of boxes, pretty nearly finished cleaning the pantry (I'm still puttering on that), and the bathroom isn't bad. I guess I should feel a little better about my progress.

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Ann said...

good job. Cleaning things out can get overwhelming. I have two rooms that end up just getting things dumped in them. When I try to clean them out I just don't even know where to start.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- so overwhelming :(

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "That sure is a lot of work! Dada had enough trouble the other day just cleaning some stuff out of the kitchen junk drawer!"