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Friday, April 26, 2024

Old Flower Friends, New Flower Friends

 I'll start with the new flower friends. This is the very newest. Sue gave it to me for my birthday! It's an Azalea, variety 'Stewartsonian,' with deep red flowers. I'll take its picture again when more of them open. She said the color I got was pot luck, but I like it.
stewartsonian azalea

This isn't actually the flowers. These are mostly grown for their foliage It's one of the Heuchera I bought last year, and it's really happy. The variety is 'Peach Flambe.' I like this a LOT. It will add bright color all season.
peach flambe heuchera

This is one of the two Brunnera I bought last year. This one is 'Frostbite.' The other one is either dead or not up yet. There are a lot of things not up yet, so who knows. I'm so happy to see it bloom. I knew the flowers were small; it's more of a foliage plant. The leaves will get very big after the flowers are done, but I love the delicate blue for spring.
frostbite brunnera

Now for the old friends. I show you these most years. However, last year I divided and moved most of these, so I'm happy to report that I now have multiple puddles of all of them.

First is the traditional English Primrose. Three clumps in bloom! It was quite breezy when I took the pictures.
blue english primrose

This is the Cowslip Primrose. It seems to be very very happy for me. There are three puddles of this now, also.
cowslip primrose

And I also split the purple Corydalis, possibly 'Berry Wine' variety. Both clumps of it are blooming.
purple corydalis

It's pretty early to be digging around yet- too easy to cut plants that aren't quite emerged. But I need to get my fencing up. The deer love azaleas, so it will have to go in prison, and I now have netting for the front garden and the rock garden. I think I'll need to get those up next week.

I worked on the book today, and spent some time with Cathy. We took a tiny walk. Did about 90 miles of campsites and some editing. Might do more yet tonight.

Total miles hiked in 2024: 210.9 of which 70.6 is North Country Trail.

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Ann said...

I like them all. I've tried to plant azalea in the past but either I'm just really bad at gardening or they hate the soil in my yard. They've never survived.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- they can be fussy. I never would have bought myself one. We'll see if it survives.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Java Bean: "Those are all very pretty flowers! And the little clumps they grow in are very attractive, I would love to—"
Lulu: "We know what you're going to say and just let me stop you right there."