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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Boring but Necessary

I have done one thing all day. No, you don't get the before picture, but the living room looked pretty much like a hurricane had gone through after I got done packing the train away. (I'm pretty sure even Om was doubtful that I could get it straightened up in one day, but he really wanted to get the tree set up.)

What you probably don't understand (OK, a few of you do who are actually allowed in my house) is that life with Joan is defined as learning to live with piles of cardboard boxes. That's one of the down sides to the fact that I have so many interests and projects.

And, most of the boxes that were moved out of the living room are sorted and put in appropriate homes. Well, yeah, I'm kinda lying. There are 4 boxes that still need places to live. Maybe tomorrow.

bare Christmas tree in living room

And why are we putting the Christmas tree up so early? It's only partly because Om thinks there are two holidays in the year- 364 days of Christmas and 1 of the 4th of July.

Actually, it's because Steve, whom we have not seen for five years, is coming home for Thanksgiving. Therefore, we are more or less doing Christmas early.

In other news: No writing occurred. No anything occurred. I'm beat. Trying to play with a cover for DMS Mistletoe a little bit.

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Ann said...

Well a homecoming would be the only thing that would make me break my no tree before Thanksgiving rule. How wonderful that you'll see him for the holidays

Unknown said...

I too live with boxes in every corner of my house. They are not mine, my husband is the box master, with so many things he doesn't know what to do with them. It drives me crazy, but there isn't much I can do with them. I'm glad you get to see Steve for Thanksgiving. It seem such a long time to now see your son. Hope you have a wonderful celebration of both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Lin said...

I was wondering why the tree was going up so early! But, what a perfect reason!! YEA! Nice that Steve is coming home!!

I think you should live the way you want to live...no worries what the rest of the world thinks. You may have boxes, but we are the other end of the spectrum--super neatniks. That makes people uncomfortable too and say all sorts of stuff to us. I guess you can't win, so we just live like we want and don't worry about his house or her house.