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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Handbells - Hard Version

We played handbells in the service this morning- two really hard pieces. These are the hardest we've done since Gospel Rags last year, and we did them both on the same Sunday!

The first piece is Genesis. I never did really get it right (I'm the weakest member of the choir... it's OK, I'm not being modest, just honest), but at least I didn't play any glaring wrong notes. The video has a couple of issues too, beginning with...not the beginning. The first two measures are missing.

Then we played How Majestic is Your Name. Better playing, better video. Enjoy or not. I had fun and feel like I offered praises either way.

Yeah, I'm hidden behind the podium. There really isn't anywhere to get a good angle on the entire group.

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Ann said...

Very nicely done

The Furry Gnome said...

Lovely to listen to the handbells!

Secondary Roads said...

Very nice. I could see you moving and a couple of times the bell in your right hand came into view. Very enjoyable.

Lin said...

Wow! Your bell choir is fabulous!

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