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Friday, October 5, 2018

Day Nineteen - Midland to Mackinac

Today's phrase of the day was "soggy bottom." More on that later. We did not get misplaced even once for more than a few steps! How's that for good news?

I think this is pretty funny. Sometimes the two little dogs just walk behind Sue, one behind each leg as if they are harnessed together. They are such amazing hiker dogs, especially for how little they are.

little dogs hiking

Mostly, the day was characterized by horses. The M2M was concurrent with the Shore to Shore Horse Trail (northern spur) all day today, and this is a very popular horse area. And it's Friday. As we walked through Elk Hill Campground it was filled with horse campers and riders.

horse camping

Since this area gets a lot of horse use, the trails were really churned up sand. That made the walking really difficult, but the good part is that the horse people do a pretty good job of marking turns. There was only one time we came to a corner and couldn't find where the trail went through tall ferns. Finally found a marker down, and the trail went off at an angle. Never lost it again.

But where the trail went through wooded areas the old roads had a more stable surface and the walking was better. Lots of beautiful pieces of forest today. And very little walking on roads that get vehicular traffic (which I thought was going to be the case.)

trail through woods

So now we come to the soggy bottom story. There are still lots of large puddles from all the rain. You guessed it. Going around one of them one of my feet started to slide and I just ended up on my butt in the hole. IF you can't really tell how wet I am, look at the color difference between my left and right pant legs. It was a little chillier day that I would have chosen for getting that wet, but I just put on the Gumby II jacket, and was warm enough.

wet hiker

We crossed the dam at Cornwall Lake. Didn't really get a picture that does it justice. It would be a lovely place on a sunny day.

Cornwall Lake

And there was a picnic table! So we decided to eat lunch there. Wow! Cold, cold wind blowing off the water. We ate fast and moved on.

hikers eating lunch at a picnic table

Sure wish all the trail corners were marked like this. This is perfect!

Midland to Mackinac trail markers

Best find of the afternoon was this stump completely covered in polypore fungus. Look out along the roots. It was really interesting.

stump covered in mushrooms

Sophie and Anabelle thought it was interesting too, but for a different reason!

little dogs on a mushroom covered stump

I was almost dry by the time we finished.

And, what a maze of mostly unmarked sand roads we had to drive to put the cars out! We congratulated ourselves for being pretty smart girls... we found both cars and brought them "home."

Sue's tracker said we did 11.0 miles and mine said 12.1 This is why I don't pay too much attention to what they say. And we were even using the exact same program to track us. My personal estimate was 10.5, and Google says 10, without allowance for wiggles in the trail. I guess I'll go with 11. Number of miles walked today, also 11. Total trail miles to date 151.5.

Sue is going to spot me early tomorrow morning and then she has to leave. Pout. We've had a great time together! And dear little Sophie is sleeping in my bed beside my leg for one more night. Anabelle has accepted my too. I got lots of doggie kisses.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Glad you had such a good day. Of course falling in a puddle when it's cold isn't exactly fun.

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