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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Day Sixteen - Midland to Mackinac

I mostly rested today. But it pretty much quit raining by afternoon, so I got in the car and went scouting out tomorrow's hike. Friend Sue is joining me for three days! That will give a much different flavor to the hike. We get along well, so I'm sure it will be welcome. Also, it means I won't have to do out-and-back, which I really don't care for much.

So, I checked out various roadwalks and crossing spots, and decided to do a couple of miles that makes for a better place for us to start tomorrow. This is just a pretty section of the walk on Spectacle Lake Road. It's driveable, but feels nice and lonely.

Spectacle Lake Road

I thought I'd give you the view the other way down the pipeline ROW. This picture is looking straight down from the point I enlarged that was in the distance yesterday. So that far brown spot is where I was at about noon yesterday.

pipeline right of way

More Spectacle Lake Road. It was just a pretty walk.

Spectacle Lake Road

It did drizzle a little off and on, and some birdies were using the mudpuddle for a birdbath. I know it's not a good picture. The pileated woodpecker that flew over was great, but I couldn't catch his picture. Oh! And I got a really close look at the underside of a turkey vulture that almost flew into my windshield. Glad I didn't have to deal with that. I also think I saw a mink, but it was from the car- too quick a glimpse to be sure.

birds in a mudpuddle

Just because I like to show you water, this is Big Bear Lake. It's several miles from the trail, but it shows nicely the sort of day this was.

Big Bear Lake

I came back to town, got gas, and took myself out for pie and coffee. That lets me share part of an elk with you. Yes, a Michigan elk. I told you I was getting into the area where the herd is. This was shot by a local man and weighed 570 pounds.

mounted elk head

The entire rest of my time looks like it's going to be off-and-on wet. O well. Also, the farther north I go, until I get to Cheboygan, it's possible I won't be able to get two bars on my phone. Need two for internet access. If you don't see a blog post, don't assume I'm dead! Sue will be with me for several days, anyway.

Forward progress on the trail today: 2 miles. Miles walked today: 4. Total trail miles to date: 117.5.

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CandZ said...

Enjoying reading your updates and following your journey

Ann said...

That will make for a nice few days having Sue there. The sky over that lake is what it looked like here on Monday. It was a good napping day :)

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