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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Day Twenty-Six - Midland to Mackinac Trail

Today was exquisitely inefficient, and possibly stupid to bother to do, but it completes the project! Om and I were gone 12 hours, almost to the minute, so that I could hike maybe 9 miles.

Give Om a warm car and chances to take pictures of pretty leaves and he is happy.

person taking pictures of fall colors

I'd already driven this piece once, and drove it twice more today before I walked it so Om could see where he needed to go wait for me, and then I finally walked it. But there are always things to see on foot that escape at car speed, even when going very slowly on poor roads.

The day was absolutely lovely. Since I hiked so many wet days this felt like a real gift, and a nice ending.

dirt road with a tunnel of yellow autumn trees

It was chilly at first, but it warmed and the sky was gorgeous.

blue sky above aspen trees

The art of a beech tree decorated with white pine needles.

yellow beech leaves with white pine needles

More leaf art- I call this the super-pressed leaf technique. Materials: 1 muddy road, fallen leaves, multiple trucks.

leaves compressed in muddy road

Sure, it was a roadwalk, but there was nothing shabby about the scenery. It was a gorgeous bright, breezy day with golden leaves skittering out in front of me and swirling around my shoulders.

back road with fall colors

On the way home, Om and I stopped in Gaylord and ate at the historic Sugar Bowl. We didn't have a chance to do anything for our anniversary in August (50 years), so we celebrated today.

Sugar Bowl restaurant in Gaylord

I had a Reuben and Om had a bleu burger. Who are those old people?!

people eating at Sugar Bowl restaurant in Gaylord

Total miles today: 9 (which was really 8, but I needed to add one on to the day I came into this point from the south, so I'm calling it 9). Total miles for the trail: 215.5 (estimated, but the official estimate is 210, so not far off). Total miles actually walked to reach that goal: 299 or thereabouts!

I walked either THE trail, or some alternative to connect the points where trail was lost. In some cases I went back and picked up the missing sections from the other direction.

There will be one more post about the Midland to Mackinac Trail, with some conclusions about this adventure. Probably tomorrow.

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Ann said...

I would love walking down that road in the second picture. Glad you were able to finish and it was a nice day.
Congratulations on 50 years. That's an accomplishment that you don't hear nearly enough of any more.

Secondary Roads said...

That second pic is my favorite today. I really like secondary roads.

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