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Friday, October 19, 2018

The Red Sky Delivered

The most dramatic thing about today was this sunrise.

red sunrise

I thought it was going to be a false alarm... you know, "red sky in the morning, sailor take warning."

I walked to the auto place and got my car. Nice to have it not making noise. Had to trade a pile of money for that privilege.

But the warning was real, and soon the sky was gray and leaking.

red sunrise

That's about all, except for the other news. I spent the day re-creating a whole pile of promotional materials for my books that I lost in the computer crash earlier this year. Got it done, but such a pain to have to re-do them. Tomorrow, I'll be at Shagway for a vendor event, so they needed to be ready.

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Ann said...

Nice sunrise. At least the sky didn't start leaking until after you picked up your car

Secondary Roads said...

Such a dire warning. Brilliant and beautiful, nonetheless dire.

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