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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It's a Ludington Thing

There's one thing about living on the west coast of Michigan. The sunsets are a thing to do. When I realized I would be in Ludington at the right time to catch one at the beach I had to go do it. Sure enough, the five-block-long parking lot was nearly full, but I found a space to turn in and catch a couple of shots.

Sunset at the Ludington lighthouse

Hope you won't be bored by yet another sunset.

The other news of the day was that Om and I did some yard work, and then I went to writers' group. The sunset was definitely the picture of the day.

See Blue, Blue, White (brown)
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Ann said...

WOW, stunning. This is frame worthy.

Secondary Roads said...

For my part, I never tire of sunsets.

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