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Monday, October 22, 2018

Midland to Mackinac Hiking Trail Guide

The first attempt at a Midland to Mackinac Hiking Trail Guide is ready to go. I decided that the effort is worth $4.99 which is a little higher than I was first thinking, but still quite reasonable.

Midland to Mackinac Trail Guide
It's available only from Smashwords, and can be had in HTML (so you can read in a browser), as a pdf (so you can print a paper copy of the whole thing), and in two ebook formats: epub and mobi (so you can view it as an ebook if you wish, although I'm unsure how good the maps will appear on any given device. You should be able to expand them to see particular sections larger).

The first 15% can be viewed without a purchase, which allows you to see the introduction, definitions, legend, one segment of description and a couple of maps. This should give people a chance to decide if they think it's worth a purchase.

Go to Smashwords to see the Midland to Mackinac Hiking Trail Guide.

In other news: I did a bunch of stupid housecleaning today, and trimmed back the rose bush I hate 51 weeks of the year.

See Conclusions about the Midland to Mackinac Trail Hike
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Ann said...

Way to go finishing the trail guide. That sounds like a reasonable price to me.

Secondary Roads said...

Well done! I'll have to check it out.

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