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Saturday, October 20, 2018

What an Ending!

I was going to tell you about my cold day, and I'll get to that. But just as I was getting ready to publish this post, something spectacular happened. I glanced up and looked out the window, which faces south. The sky was as pink as some western sunsets. I looked west.


But here was the southern sky.

sunset glow in south

The eastern sky.

sunset glow in east

The northern sky.

sunset glow in north

It's all faded now. If I hadn't looked up at just the right moment I would have missed it all! I'm not sure I've ever seen all four directions colored that way. Sometimes south and east will catch it, but north gets left out. Wonderful!

Prior to that, I was going to say there were two good things about today. One of them was that I had a colorful view across from my vendor canopy. Yes, those white streaks are hail and slush.

autumn color with hail

The other good thing is that I sold quite a few books. Other than that, I froze. Everyone froze. Michigan alternately delivered up rain, hail, snow, sun, and wind, all at about 37 degrees. We survived for about five hours but then people began packing up, and I confess that I did too. It was very hard to keep the books dry. I think I need a canopy with sides.

I'm still bundled up with a blanket, and my fingertips hurt.

It's sort of hilarious, though. This was the worst weather of any of the Shagway Vendor days this year, and I did really well. Everyone did, and they sold quite a few things inside the barn, too. Go figure.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

WOW, pretty sky. Glad you looked up at the right time to catch it.
It's funny how things will go sometimes with sales. You just never can tell. We used to use tarps around the side of our canopy for when the weather was bad. Now my friend has a new canopy that has the matching sides with it.

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