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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Boardman River Trail

After the event today, I went for a little hike along the Boardman River in Traverse City.

Boardman River

This is in an Educational Nature Reserve. I'm not going to show you some of the pictures of the river. They have recently removed two small dams to let the water run freely, but the former bottoms of the ponds that were drained aren't all that scenic at the present time, with quite a lot of geofabric erosion barriers.

There were a couple of kayakers. The water is quite swift.

Boardman River

I liked the fuzzy white seed silk on this grass in front of the brown oak tree.

autumn color

The staghorn sumac berries were brilliant.

staghorn sumac

Beech leaves are rich.

autumn beech leaves

About peak color there.

autumn color

I hiked out from the Lone Pine Trailhead, and did all the trails you can access from there. A little over 3 miles.

Boardman River

In other news: I did OK at the event today, not great. Good event, lots of traffic. Who knows? And I feel fine, which I'm thinking you can guess since I went for a hike.

Boardman River Trail from the Lone Pine Trailhead, Keystone Rd, Traverse City, Michigan. 3+ miles

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Looks like a really nice place for a hike.
Glad you had a good day at the event

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