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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Little Things that Make Me Smile

As you may recall, Verizon replaced my phone under warranty. They gave me a serious upgrade, which was nice, but no one seems to carry cases for it, and of course the previous case did not fit. I went hunting on line.

I found this one, leather, for under $10. I did have to pay shipping, but still, very reasonable. There were many, many choices that did not look as nice for up to $50. As part of level five, I'm trying to buy things that look nice, but still don't break the bank.

case for pixel 2 phone

It has a magnetic catch. That could be a tiny bit stronger, but it's not terrible

case for pixel 2 phone

I'm especially happy to have a case for the protection, but also to prevent more funny stories like what happened on my walk the other day. I had the phone, sans case, in my pocket. The slapping against my leg did a lot of strange things. It changed some of the settings I had chosen. But the funniest was that it sent a weird text message to a random person from my contact list. It made no sense at all- just some letter combinations and some suggested words- but she said she was glad my phone had chosen her to send nonsense too!

In other news: I was at a small vendor event all day. Did quite well for the venue, but we were freezing! I think that's my last one without heat this year. (It was inside the Shagway barn, so we weren't out in the wind, but no heat.) I'm trying to thaw out now. Maybe early bedtime.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

That's a nice looking case. I've never sent a text that way but I have had the camera turn on and taken video of the inside of my pocket.

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