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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

3 Mile Loop Challenge

I set myself a challenge today to try to find something a little different to picture on my same-old three mile roadwalk. I took some nice pictures of ordinary wild flowers. Maybe you'll see some of them another day. But you've seen them all before, other years.

But today's fun surprise is the dried leaves clinging to the stems of the Cut-leaf Teasel, Dipsacus laciniatus.

dried cut leaf teasel leaves
I'm sure not going to try to find something for Halloween every day this month, but they are sort of eerie-creepy-fantasy Halloween worthy.

dried cut leaf teasel leaves
This one is my favorite.

dried cut leaf teasel leaves
And, the camera wouldn't focus on them, but there were a couple of big turtles out in the little pond.


I was pretty much a slug this morning, so while I was walking I bawled myself out and decided I could make myself do 10 mini projects before bed. I've done 8 so far. Hopefully, I'll do two more.

1. Clean up the recycling bottles and cans
2. Cut the autumn olive by the kitchen door
3. Cut the grapevine by the window
4. Deal with the compost
5. Get gas in the car and the can
6. Bring in a big load of stuff from the trailer
7. Bring in a big load of stuff from the trailer
8. Take care of all the clean laundry

I did do two more:
9. Put away one tub full of odd stuff from the trailer
10. Put away the books we took with us on the trip

See Cut Leaf Teasel
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Joni said...

“My Quality Day” certainly does have some redeeming qualities and I enjoy reading about them Joan.
I too make lists like this of small tasks just to get stuff done. Years ago when my children were young and I was so busy I would do my however many tasks and finish with something for me. I would have a cup of tea or just allow myself to sit for ten minutes.
Also what I enjoy about reading this is that it’s a reminder to be grateful for even the small things such as the turtles in the pond or the Cut-lad Teasel.
Thank you Joan!

Ann said...

That dried teasel is rather fascinating.
I need a to do list like that. Maybe I would get more accomplished.

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