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Monday, October 7, 2019

Flowers of the Day

I got myself back in gear today. Did two loads of laundry, all my book sales accounts since I left home on September 6, worked on more restoration of my computer (still a lot to do) and then walked to town to the bank, library, and Post Office. There are still some pretty flowers in to town even though it's October.

Here's a colorful batch of fall crocus, Colchicum sp. This is not the same thing at all as spring crocus, but the flowers look similar.

lavender fall crocus Colchicum

The absolute colorful flower winner was the planters at the bank. They are still glorious with begonia, coleus, petunias, sweet potato vine, zinnias and what I think is some Cyperus. Someone did a really nice job on the design of these.

colorful planter with begonia, coleus, petunias, sweet potato vine, zinnias, cyperus

colorful planter with begonia, coleus, petunias, sweet potato vine, zinnias, cyperus

And I was delighted to see, when I got closer, that the bright red and pink (not the maroon) is a begonia. Begonia coccinea, variety 'Dragon Wing,' which is a subset of an 'Angel Wing.'

dragon wing begonia

It comes in red and pink. The picture above is actually the red one in the sun. It's much more vibrant in the shade.

dragon wing begonia

Here's the one that's actually pink.

dragon wing begonia

I really love that coleus with the gold leaves with just a hint of maroon, too.

It felt good to rest last week, but it feels good to be back to being active.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

You had a productive day. That planter is really pretty.

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