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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Coffee Clatch, er... Qoffee Quack, Part 2


~~ ... continued ~~

>split rock river rapids

"That was altogether too common of an experience for me. See that rougher spot where the water rushes over those rocks? Let's swim there!"
"Patty! You can't be serious."
"Oh, but I am, Claire. And you know Adelle will tag along"
"Let's do it!"

common mergansers

"Just frightening enough!"
"Adelle! Watch your language!"

common mergansers

~~ Again ~~

common mergansers

~~ and again, and again, and... ~~

common mergansers

common mergansers

"I could do this all morning. It's such a rush!"
"Let's go again!"
"Adelle, you silly goose, you're so dizzy you can't even stand up."

common mergansers

See The Coffee Clatch, er... Qoffee Quack, Part 1


C@mshaft said...

That is cute. Qoffee Quack, I love it! I'm such a huge coffee fan myself :) Those pictures are making me laugh!

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Drop me back a message :)

Lin said...

Those are some wild gals there! Ducks Gone Wild!! :0

Grampy said...

You did it again. Part2 is just as wonderful as the first. I love the birds. But I get such a rush from the water scenes.
Have a good one.

lina@happy family said...

Great pictures! The birds around the waves is amazing to see. The birds' talking is funny too...

Julia said...

That gave me another great smile!! Thanks. I bet they were fishing where the current was best for fishes!! Smart ladies. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi C@mshaft- Thanks for stopping by

Lin- They were certainly having a grand old time!

Hi Grampy- Maybe more water scenes tomorrow. I have a lot!

lina- They really were amazing swimmers. A video would have been better. At first they approached the fast water cautiously and turned back a bit, several times, then just plowed through it, and after that they just kept going back and forth- not fishing at all... apparently just doing it for the sheer fun of it all!

Julia- no fishing... just fun as far as we could see!

Ratty said...

This is a great part 2 to this fun little story. I just took some pictures with birds in the background that look very similar to these. I wish I could mine them better.

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