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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Coffee Clatch, er... Qoffee Quack, Part I

~~ The Setting ~~
split rock river
The Split Rock River (Minnesota) on a lovely late summer day.

~~ The Ladies ~~
female common mergansers

Three Common Mergansers, so called because they can be found pretty much all over the northern US. Nevertheless, I don't see them that often, so I'm always tickled to find some. They are clearly out to take a stroll and smell the flowers, right?

~~ The Program ~~
female common mergansers

"What's on the program today, Claire?"
"Just a little swimming, Patty."
"Oh, goody, girls, I do love a nice refreshing dip!"
"Adelle, you are such a follower."

female common mergansers

~~ Success ~~
female common mergansers

"Bless my tailfeathers! We made it!"
"Adelle, get those sorry tailfeathers up on this rock! What shall we do next, girls?"

Finish the story at The Coffee Clatch, er... Qoffee Quack, Part II

~~ ...to be continued... ~~

See Fluffy Treats on an Urban Trail for other swimmers


Julia said...

That was lovely ladies!! Baths are so nice after a long day of work.

I loved this post! Very cute and humorous combined.

Ratty said...

This is a fun post. And I love the pictures of the birds. I've never seen mergansers before.

Grampy said...

Very cute story. I love the photos. You made it look real.

Rebecca said...

Once again you make me wish I would get out more. This reminds me of Audra State Park in WV. My son and I used to go there all the time and take hikes. Life has changed so much...how I miss that place!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Julia- I think the baths WERE their day's work!

Ratty- The map says they are all over this area, but I only seem to see them when I'm hiking. I suspect they are at our state park during migration though.

Grampy- Thank you! They were SO funny, we could just picture the whole thing.

Rebecca- Darn! Isn't there someplace near you to "get out?"

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