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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Trees Are Growing


white pines

OK, compared to fairy tales, this post isn't too exciting. But it's something I'm very happy about, and hey, it's MY quality day!

Trees seem to grow very slowly, and I would like my "kingdom" to be more wooded than it is. But sometimes there is proof that the trees grow faster than we realize. In the top picture there are two white pine trees. Through the beginning of last summer I was mowing a trail between those two trees, where I've put a red arrow. But at the end of 2008 I knew that I'd need to re-route the trail; it just wasn't fun to push between those trees any more. And look at them this week! It would be really difficult to force your way between them now. Those two trees seeded themselves there, children of the grove of white pines on the top of the hill on the neighboring property.

The picture below really makes me happy!

white pines

The tall white pines are ones that I planted there about 20 years ago. Five of those have lived and are all about the same size, maybe 20-25 feet tall. But then about six years ago it was a really good year for pine cones to sprout and I transplanted 14 tiny white pines from the grove mentioned above to join the larger ones seen here. Only about 9 of those are still alive.

But take a look at the red arrows here! For the first time, 5 of those tiny baby trees are tall enough to be seen above the field grasses. That really makes me feel very happy.

They say that those who plant trees do so for the next generation. I know that these won't be a stately grove till we are long done with this property, but I'm just happy that they have succeeded as well as they have. I've found wild turkeys nesting beneath them, and I just like to touch their soft needles as I walk by.

See Little Tree and Big Tree
See Sticky Fingers in Pine Cone City


WillOaks Studio said...

I love to see someone else celebrate trees growing!! I also have a combination of planted trees and trees that have happened to volunteer in good places. I just love trees....guess I'm a tree-hugger!

Salitype said...

there's is nothing more humbling and stisfying than seeing a tree grows, especially if you are the one who puts the soil upon its seed.majestic and beautiful and to think they were once a seed...

thanks for dropping by the salitype page. and yes, bethchai is more than a member, in a real sense she can be consider a co-founder. leads us, guides us in forming our own domain.

Rick (Ratty) said...

More trees are always a good thing! I think I feel the most comfortable when I'm in the middle of a forest. It took me way too long to find that out. I hope your trees grow into a great forest one day.

Jennifer Shirk said...

How wonderful!
That would make me happy, too!

Christa Bledsoe said...

That is beautiful scenery. I could probably be happy there too :) Thank you for sharing. I am visiting from Adgitize.

Julia said...

I can certainly celebrate your trees with you!! I think I started jumping up and down when I saw acorns on our live oaks that were only five years old.

Yeahaw for trees!!

Sharkbytes said...

WillOaks- I really would love to live long enough to see most of this field growing up in trees (except the Autumn Olive)

Hi Tes from Salitype- Nice to make a new friend. We can all go dancing in the trees.

Ratty- My dream is to have my trail wandering through the woodlands.

Jennifer- I had you mixed up with a different Jennifer I know. I need to spend some more time on your blog to get to know you.

Hi Christa- Thanks for stopping by!

Julia- I tried really hard to get some oaks started here, but even though the nearby National Forest is full of them, I haven't had a bit of luck in my field.