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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Contest Day - Win an Ad for a Month

The rules this month are easy. Identify each picture. Most of them are closeups that may make it tricky to "see" what it is. Three of them are animals that I have previously shown you... you just have to know/ remember/ look them up.

Anyway, more correct information will work towards breaking ties, but of course, more incorrect information will not help you. So it's up to you how detailed to make your guesses. Email your answers to jhy@t-one.net before midnight Sunday, May 2, 2010.











Best of luck!


Ratty said...

I know some of them, but others are rough. I'll do my best. And good luck to everyone else.

Ann said...

uh oh, I don't think I would do too well here :)

VanillaSeven said...

The water reflection looks good :)

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- You take the games very seriously!

Ann- 7 of the 10 are just for guessing- anyone might get them. Why not try?

Vanilla- Hey, you got one! Which one?

RNSANE said...

I'm too overwhelmed this week to even try. Just got off my draft to createspace and my poetry book is a go - waiting for the proof to come back. Also, my son's wedding is one week away...busy getting ready for that joyous occasion but very sad that Shawn, my AF reservist son, leaves tomorrow for two to four months in Germany and will miss the event. At least, his Afghanistan orders were changed.

Sharkbytes said...

Wow Carmen- You are very busy! Catch ya' later.

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