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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vicky & Joan Go Frogging

As it turned out, we didn't hear very many frogs, but we had a really lovely walk. Sometimes there isn't much rhyme or reason to when the froggies will sing. Yesterday was our hottest day yet (until today). We speculated that the shallow water warmed so much that the frogs snuggled back down into the mud until it cooled off more.

Anyway, we only heard peepers and a few chorus frogs. You can hear the chorus frogs in one section of the video if you have a good ear. I'm just learning to listen for them. Their voice is like the sound you get if you run your fingernail over the teeth of a plastic comb.

Just enjoy! I spent the late part of this afternoon in my chair with ice tea and a book. It takes me a while to get used to hot days.

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Ratty said...

I really like this video. I like the peepers. They sound like aliens to me; not that I've ever heard aliens. I've been listening to frog sounds too. I tried to get a very similar type of video today myself, but the frogs didn't want to cooperate this time.

Lin said...

Some frogs are very shy about their singing and if they know you are there listening, they quiet down. That sound of a bunch singing is music to my ears--great to see so many frogs out there!

I'm waiting to see if any of my frogs are male this year. I LOVE to hear a deep male voice coming from my pond late at night. Haven't had a male in years and I miss mine. I relocated him after he was eating too many birds. I figured he'd be happier in the wild with some chicks. I still miss him.

I found a tiny 3rd frog at my pond the other day, so I was happy about that! I'm only missing one. But, I'll still get a few more tadpoles to keep the world in frogs.

sandy said...

Couldn't tell if I was hearing birds or peppers. At one point heard what sounded like thunder, but assume it was the camera noise.

Looks like you ladies had a nice day in the woods.


Secondary Roads said...

Good to hear the peepers. Thanks for the intro to chorus frogs. I'll keep my ears open for them now that you've taught me how to identify their song.

Ann said...

Being on my laptop doesn't work when I'm trying to watch a video. The load very slow and the sound isn't the greatest but I did faintly make out some sound.
The ice tea and a book sound like a good way to spend a hot afternoon

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ratty- I hear the peepers a LOT, so I was really hopeful of getting a clearer recording of some others, but it didn't work out.

Lin- This is a BIG swamp. They do quiet down when you first walk through, but if you stand still for a few minutes they pick right up again. Hope you get your fourth frog.

Sandy- Yes, those funny "booms" weren't woods noises. I wonder if it was me breathing too close to the microphone.

Chuck- I wish they had sounded more clearly. But now I am able to hear them pretty easily. So I'm sure you will too.

Ann- I understand about the video. I don't watch very many because it's such a hassle on our connection speed. I won't do them all the time. Today we were back to the 50's!

Julia said...

Our frogs have been quiet too. I love hearing them all winter long singing their hearts out. But last night one lone voice could be heard squeaking from the pond...

Sharkbytes said...

Julia- you must have much milder winters than we do!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I have been on all sorts of walks (flower, trees, fungi) but never on a frogging one - your one up on me :)

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