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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trail Club Hike, April

bluff above Pere Marquette River

Our trail club hike today was on a section of the North Country Trail. For a short way, it's right beside the Pere Marquette River, but high above it.

small plank bridge over stream

Then it wanders through the woods, which you can see is still pretty much gray and brown, and crosses this un-named creek. It is interesting to compare this photo with Ratty's post from today Green Comes to the Forest. He lives about four hours away from me, but the spring seems to come one to two weeks earlier where he is, than at my location.

small plank bridge over stream But it certainly was different from the last time I showed you that piece of trail. This was Feb 2009, and I was very surprised to discover that the bridge made of railroad ties has been replaced with this plank one. I guess I was too busy hiking last summer to keep track of work the club accomplished!

towering red pinesWe stopped and listened to the tall red pines squeaking as the wind made them rub together. We hunted hard for any plants that were pushing their way through the brown leaves, and we found quite a few. We saw some great fungus, and heard some birds. I've decided that it would be too much information to show it all today, so you'll have to come back tomorrow.


Here we are. We had a great time! Don't you wish you were hiking with us?

See Wimpy Dog and Porky Paws for the Feb 2009 hike here
See Trail Club Hike- Marilla to the Suspension Bridge Last year's April hike


Duxbury Ramblers said...

It's amazing what you can find on a walk, I would love to join you and your fellow walkers, if I ever get that way I will.


Ann said...

Actually yes, I do wish I was hiking with you. It looks like a wonderful time. I just love the shot of the red pines. Amazingly beautiful.

Joanne Olivieri said...

That tall red pines photo leaves me breathless. Seeing these paths just makes me want to get out there right now, even in this rainstorm we are having.

Ferd said...

Yes! I DO wish I was hiking with your group! Beautiful place!
Princess Gail and I will just have to suffer hiking our humble little trails in North Carolina. I'll have to post some pics.

spinninglovelydays said...

I certainly do! What a blessing to have such gorgeous hiking trails close by. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Carol- I think walking with you would be a treat. We'd talk plants non-stop! Who knows? I just found out that friends of mine were in England all this past week.

Ann- Plenty of beauty to share. You would be welcome any time.

Jo- I can hardly stay indoors this spring. I know what you mean.

Hi Ferd- Oh! You are married to Gail of the birds. Hi! Looks like we have similar themes in our blogs.

Ivy- We really have dozens of trails in the area. National Forest, several State Parks, National Wilderness, and some other places as well. It's great stuff!

Ratty said...

The photo you compare to my post is even more interesting because when I first looked at it I saw something very familiar. The plank bridge and the surrounding area looks a lot like a park I often walk through. I take pictures from a very similar spot every time I'm there. I'm always trying to show how far down it is. It never quite comes out the way I want it to. Yours looks much better. I was just at my place today, and I had a wonderful time. I hope you had just as good of a time at yours.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- well, the approach to this bridge is on benched trail that comes down the side of the hill. I think it's really hard to show the height in a picture if you are looking straight down. You have to be at an angle. I have way too many trail pictures, where I wanted to show how steep and horrid the trail was, and it doesn't show that at all.

We did have a great time. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. It's a good thing, because I need to get some WORK done.

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