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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dogs of My Life- Butchy Boy II


mixed breed dog

This is the second installment in Dogs of my Life. Meet Butchy Boy II. While Butchy Boy I began as my parents' dog and ended up as mine, Butchy Boy II started out belonging to me, but essentially ended up being my parents', as I went away to college.

After first Butchy died, I wouldn't even think about another dog for months, but by winter I was more than ready for another canine friend. But I was a child who did not like change in any form. The "new" dog had to be black and white, male, and was going to be named Butchy Boy. A girl in my class said that they had puppies, but she lived w-a-a-a-a-y out in the country. She rode Bus #12 to school... Bus #12 was often late to arrive. If the weather was bad, Bus #12 was dismissed early. Sometimes, Bus #12 students never even made it to school. My mom was not thrilled to be attempting to locate the Cooper's house in the snow, but we finally made it, and I chose one small black and white puppy. We seem to have no pictures, however, until he was grown.
mixed breed dog

Second Butchy was reputed to be 3/4 English Setter and 1/4 Beagle. We can guarantee that he was pure Mutt. I don't recall that I was involved a lot with seriously training him. I think that Dad just was so used to that role, that he did most of the work, although I helped and "played" at dog training.

The beagle part of Butchy's genetic makeup was strong, and Dad would always comment with mild disgust that he was just pure hound. He was definitely headstrong and not anything like first Butchy. This dog was fun to play with, but he would run away if he was allowed to run loose. He could easily break dog chains, so Dad found a cow chain in the barn. When Butchy was inside he was a good family dog. When he was outside, he had to be chained, and was equally comfortable in his dog house under the porch, insulated with hay.
dog sleeping by fireplace

Here's my favorite picture of this dog. He looks quite peaceful. However, he was high energy, and really needed more exercise than even I could give him. Throughout high school I got up early before school, most days, and took him for a run the length of our farm and back. One morning, Butchy chased a woodchuck down its hole. I let him go digging for it, and discovered that it wasn't a woodchuck that had ducked underground! Butchy caught the spray right in the face, and I was close enough that I had to go to school with some pretty unpleasant perfume. Yes, it was a skunk!

girl and dog

When I went off to college, of course, I had to leave Butchy at home. He was lonesome, and would break his chain fairly regularly. Mom and Dad usually found him two miles away at the school, playing with the kids. Of course, that involved crossing roads, and on one of those adventures, he connected with a car. Mom found him, and brought him back to the farm to bury.

As we continue this series, you will probably be appalled at the number of my pets whose lives were ended by cars. Buck up, and get prepared for it. I've always lived on major highways, and dogs just seem to carry their knowledge of the dangers of the road only so far. They will stay off the blacktop until they smell or see something attractive on the other side.

Anyway, second Butchy was a good transition dog for me. I learned how to train a dog. I learned that not all dogs were going to be as special as first Butchy. It was verified that I am very much a dog person.

I'll leave you with a quirk that should give you a chuckle. Whenever Dad was digging potatoes from the garden, second Butchy would bark and bark (he was chained on that side of the house), until Dad would throw him a raw potato to eat.

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Lin said...

We had a dog that would run away like that--every single time he was unchained. He ran away one day and never came back and I'm thinking he got hit by a car too. :(

I love the photo of Butchy 2 by the fire--so sweet. Nice story today, Sharky. It reminded me of my childhood dog and that was nice.

Anne said...

When I was growing up, we had a dog that would constantly run away. He was a beagle too. Our current dog travels but he only goes to visit his friends who love pretty close to us.

I can imagine having to go to school with the skunk smell. That must have been rough.

Ann said...

My very first dog had to be chained also because she loved to run. My dad always claimed to hate that dog but we would catch him petting or talking to her when he thought no one was looking :)

Rick (Ratty) said...

One of my favorite dogs liked to run off too. We had him for years, but one day he never came back. I think my last dog was the only one I ever had for her whole life. She was my favorite, and it hurt to see her go. But the memories are great.

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- Glad it brought back good memories for you. Dogs just have to do stupid things, don't they?

Anne- I love beagles but they are notorious for roaming, and that trait seems to carry out for several generations.

Ann- My mother claimed that she didn't like second Butchy very much, but she would sneak him a dab of peanut butter on his dog food!

Ratty- We can make dogs love and adore us, but so many of them just have that urge to explore that becomes their downfall.

RNSANE said...

Shark, it's so nice meeting your dogs. I've hated renting because none of my landlords have allowed me a dog. I guess that's why I've enjoyed having granddogs..just wish they weren't a hundred miles away.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- aw, bummer. renting really restricts so many options.