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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dusty or Rusty or ?

I've showed you pictures of the pigeons on the space station (grain elevator) from time to time. These are ordinary pigeons, or rock doves, just like you'll find in any city. Large concentrations of them can be messy, and they aren't popular when they stain buildings and public places. Out here, this small flock doesn't seem to be much of a problem.

I continue to be fascinated with the brown and white ones. Although they can have a wide variety of color patterns, most are gray and black, like three of the ones in this group.

pigeons flying

Two years ago, I got pictures of two brown and white ones with really interesting patterns. I nicknamed them Dusty (left) and Rusty (right).

brown and white pigeon

So, when I managed to catch a picture of the one light-colored bird that's hanging out with the group now, I wondered which one it was. First, I saw it on the ground, where they congregate to eat discarded grain.

brown and white pigeon

The birds were concentrating on the grain, and I got fairly close before they took off.

brown and white pigeon

So, now you can compare their wings. I don't think this bird is either Dusty or Rusty. I found an article that says pigeons live about five years in the wild. The picture of the other two pigeons was taken over two years ago, and they are clearly mature. Not impossible they are still alive, but it reduces the chances.

What shall I name this one? Trusty? Buffy?

See Pigeons on the Space Station
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Secondary Roads said...

I didn't know that about pigeons. Very interesting. Nice pics too. Oh, and I really like the new background. Looks like you had some fun creating it.

Ann said...

well that's kind of sad that they only live about 5 years. I think I like Buffy for this one :)

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- In captivity with good care, pigeons have been known to live 30 years. Life outside is rough.

Ann- I'm liking Buffy too. The hazards of living in the wild are many.

sir rob said...

It's really been awhile since the last time that I was here. Was just dropping by to say, it's nice to see you in my travel blog.

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