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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Just one of those miscellaneous days. I went to church with Dave & Loren (hiking friends) because they belong to a handbell choir that was playing this morning. It was a lot of fun! They played "Do Lord." Yes, the old chorus from the childhoods of even the oldest of us. They made it really move!

handbell players

This church also had a pipe organ (I used to know this, but had forgotten), and an interesting, modern stained-glass window.

stained glass window

There were a couple of other firsts for the season. I got my act together and took my first bike ride. Just did six miles (don't care to be crippled tomorrow), but it felt good!

And I had the first glass of iced tea of the spring. Tall, strong and cold.

Proofread the chapter of Paddy Plays in Dead Mule Swamp that I wrote last night, and got some ideas to flesh out the next couple.

The honeysuckle is actually getting leaves already! (This is potentially terrible weather for the fruit farmers though because if the buds open and then we get a freeze it will devastate the fruit crop. The economy doesn't need that)

Quite a nice day.

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Unknown said...

Your first pic here took me back many years to when friends of mine started the Hamilton Ringers in the area of Kingston upon Thames where I used to live. I went to many concerts with them. Although we have all moved on, when I googled them just now it seems the Hamilton Ringers are still going strong. Thanks for reminding me of some really happy times.

Anonymous said...


Ann said...

sounds like a full weekend. I think I would have been paralyzed after 6 miles. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Jean- Nice! Glad it made you happy

Anon- The organ isn't much to look at. The pipes are rather modern and are mounted high around the edge of the sanctuary, and the organ console is hidden behind the grand piano. I didn't take pictures of the pipes. The fact that they are spread out did make the sound come from all over.

Ann- I was fine with that distance. No bad effects today. Next time I'll try to do more.

David Norris said...

Thanks for your organ comment.

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