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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Philadelphia Flower Show 2012- Succulents- Haworthia

As many of you know, I love succulents, and the Philadelphia Flower Show is certainly a heaven for succulent lovers. I hardly know where to start trying to show you some of them. And... how many days of them do you want to see? After all, most of you may not find them nearly as fascinating as I do.

For today, I've decided to show you some of the huge variations of Haworthia plants. Taxonomy is being shuffled big time by DNA analysis, but traditionally this genus was identified by very having very similar flowers, although the leaves show huge variation. Here is Haworthia retusa in bloom. Almost looks like a tiny orchid, doesn't it? The leaves in the other pot are not H. retusa, but another unidentified Haworthia.

Haworthia retusa blossom

The plants are native to southern Africa.

Here is Haworthia "David Grigsby" which looks more like an aloe.

Haworthia David Grisby

This one is Haworthia cymbiformus "variegata" which sometimes has striped leaves like this, and sometimes some rosettes are green but some are pale.

Haworthia cymbiformus

Haworthia parksiana isn't as showy, but I like the dark color and the way it mounds.

Haworthia parksiana

This one is Haworthia cooperi truncata. It's not the same as Haworthia truncata which I showed you two years ago (see link at bottom)

Haworthia cooperi truncata

In a world where I had unlimited money and energy, I'd have a huge collection of succulents! Be sure to give me a clue as to how many days of succulents you can stand!

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betchai said...

wow, they sure do look very interesting and exotic, I have lots of succulents here at home, but I don't have any of these yet.

Unknown said...

I can stand as many as you want. It's all fascinating to me.

Ann said...

I like them especially the second and last ones

Ratty said...

This takes me back to when my grandma used to keep succulents all over her house. I first learned of aloe from her.

Loretta said...

love succulents!

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