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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Visit from Mr. Blue

Om walked out the front door and said, "Come look who's out here!"

A lovely blue racer, Columber constrictor foxii. Now don't get all "eewwww" on me.

blue racer

Blue racers are lovely snakes, and they are becoming increasingly rare. Apparently they are now only found in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Even if you don't care for snakes personally, please don't kill one on purpose. They play an important role in keeping the rodent population under control.

blue racer

Here he is checking out the air- maybe the way I smell. Yes, snakes smell with their tongues. He isn't being threatening, just curious. Probably trying to decide if I'm dangerous.

Generally speaking, he was pretty calm, all spread out along the edge of the porch.

blue racer

Soon, he scooted off across the driveway. Hopefully, he's clearing the crawlspace of the mice that like to sneak into the pantry. I like the mice too, but not chewing up my food!

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Elizabeth said...

I've seen lots of black snakes this year. I won't touch snakes, but am happy to leave them alone because I'm so grateful for any rodents they might capture in my yard.

rainfield61 said...

But I cannot stay cool with this crawling friend around.

Secondary Roads said...

My mom used to tell the story of her best friend from high school who was chasing a blue racer across a field. The two disappeared from view. A short while later the reappeared with the racer chasing Aunt Lee.

vanilla said...

You may be the only person I know from whom I can accept the descriptor "lovely" in conjunction with the subject "snake." And I do recognize that snake is useful.

Sandra Rose Hughes said...

What a lovely snake! I always feel blessed when animals visit me (well, as long as they're not poisonous and stay out of my house.)

Ann said...

I don't mind snakes so long as they don't touch me and I don't have to touch them. This ones a beauty

Sharkbytes said...

Elizabeth- Good for you!

rainfield- what? you don't commune with the slitherers?

Chuck- well, they are a fast mover, but that story sounds a bit apocryphal

vanilla- I think that is a super compliment!

Sandra- not poisonous- and I only mind the mice in the house because they eat too many important things

Ann- touching not required! But they are cool and smooth- very nice to feel.

M.Hilton said...

I'm glad you find these lovely. I really am. Because I would run for the hills :)

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