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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Did you know that when you are mixing light (not paint) these are the three primary colors? With the sun through the leaves yesterday it really seemed like they were made of light.

It was hard, but I've narrowed the pictures down to five. Isn't it interesting how bright and pure the reds and yellows are, and how much "lime green" is showing up this year? Just enjoy!

fall leaves

fall leaves

fall leaves

fall leaves
fall leaves

I do want to share a few more displays from ArtPrize- maybe tomorrow.

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betchai said...

so beautiful, Sharkbytes, and I am so impressed with the lighting you captured, especially on the first one, it made everything glow so beautifully.

Unknown said...

lovely. Nature certainly knows how to put her colors together. You're a talented photographer.

Secondary Roads said...

Beautiful! Thanks. Your area is ahead of ours, as one would expect.

rainfield61 said...

If you look into a CRT, you will see Red-Green-Blue, three color dots that merge together to form a white dot.

Shelly said...

So beautiful. We don't see this much in Florida.

Hugs and chocolate,

john bain said...


Ann said...

simply beautiful. It's been a bit of a color explosion around here the last couple of days. Love the colors of fall

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