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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cemetery Pond


I've showed you the cemetery pond before. It's not a very pretty place, to be honest. It's always scummy because the water moves so slowly, and it has no nice vantage points. However, I've noticed this week that the trees on the east side have nice color, so I though maybe it might be looking its best. I stopped there today and snapped a picture.

cemetery pond

I have a few bloggy comments to make. Since the demise of Entrecard, my Alexa ranking has sure been tanking. I have no good ideas for getting new eyes here.

Also, all you anonymous commenters: have you noticed that your comments never show up even though I don't have verification? Blogger does a really good job of weeding you all out, without me doing a single thing. Why not give it up. You are wasting your time.

Last paper route day tomorrow. Sundays we have to get up at 2:30. Bedtime soon, I think.

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rainfield61 said...

A camera always turns something into a beauty.

Ann said...

the fall colors make it look wonderful.
Those anonymous comments are really pathetic. Is there an actual person who is wasting their time typing those things that never get posted?

M.Hilton said...

Oh wow - I loved your comment! I especially liked what you said - "compared to God we all have a pretty pathetic IQ." How true - I never thought about that! I took a peak at the coffee shop site and it looks awesome - I wish I could visit it and can't wait to browse the site more!

In terms of getting new viewers for your blog, see if there are any blog hops out there where you meet and "network" with others of similar bloggy tastes. For example, here's one I join once a month though there are tons of them out there - http://www.livelaughrowe.com/thee-networking-blog-hop-october-edition/

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- you do it so much better than I

Ann- color fixes everything!

Meredith- thanks for stopping by. I really like reading about Chase.

Secondary Roads said...

The pic is nice. I was about to rejoin Entrecard. Actually, I had applied, but waited six weeks. And then they were gone. I find that Wordless Wednesday helps. I've also been looking for appropriate blog hops that might help.

RNSANE said...

The fall foliage is lovely there. My anonymous commenters are spammers plugging workplace loans and the like. It is so annoying but I have occasional legitimate anonymous comments so I hate to just eliminate them all. However, of late,there have
been dozens and they are a real nuisance. I have tried appealing to their sense of decency - they have none.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely fall colors and a pretty scene. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am not sure what entrecard is, I am assume a blogroll? Your photo is beautiful, have a great day!

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