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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cold But Lovely

I had a long, long work day, and it was pretty cold. 40 degrees- which seems very chilly after mid sixties. It even snowed a little bit. I chose my four favorite pictures from the day.

First is a sailboat still on the water at Portage Lake. Gray skies, gray lake, collecting geese.

sailboat on a gray lake

Sometimes, a gray sky will make the colors look brighter. The hills north of Bear Lake were "flaming."

autumn colors

I think this is my favorite. Yes, a farm store had set it up on purpose to attract customers, but it's not all cluttered with signs.

wagon with pumpkins

All the rain and wind is taking a toll. The colors are starting to pile up on the ground.

colored leaves

I'll be doing reports all day tomorrow. I'll need these bright memories to make me smile.

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Secondary Roads said...

I love the way you always seem to find those special snippets of life, be they sight or experience, and share them with us.

Ann said...

I love the shots. Yesterday was odd here. There were dark clouds in half the sky and the other half was sunshine. It made for some fabulous fall sights though. I just wish I would have had time to stop and take some pictures

Loretta said...

love the wagon. We are just getting a bit of color here. Still have to mow one more time, but the rain won't let up.

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- I'm so glad there are people who like to share these things I love. Takes a wide world to find a few!

Ann- I've known days like that. It makes the light so interesting.

Loretta- It's very lovely! Sorry about the mowing.

RNSANE said...

All the pictures are lovely. Like Loretta, I love the wagon. I like those kinds of shots. It definitely looks like it's getting cold. Even Jaipur is cooling off from those unbearable summer temperatures though I have the A/C on right now.

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