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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Something in the Rain

OK, we weren't singing, but Loren showed up and we hiked four miles at Nordhouse in the rain.

hikers in rain gear

When we started it was raining hard and steadily.

hikers in rain gear

By the time we finished, it was POURING. Like how they show it pouring in the movies where the water is coming down so hard you know it's fake pouring.

hikers in rain gear

We sat in her car and ate our lunches. Another successful hike! (At least it will be memorable.)

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Secondary Roads said...

It looks like you were enjoying yourselves. For my part, I was content to sit by my window and sip on a steaming cup of hot brew.

vanilla said...

oh, my. Such dedication. You did say you'd hike whether any showed or not; glad you had company.

Anonymous said...

I see the prediction about the rain was correct!

betchai said...

oh, i miss hiking in pouring rain, i love rain, and as long as there are no thunderstorms, i won't mind a hike in the rain.

Lin said...

Well, it looks as though you were well-prepared for the rain. And if it was warm, you might as well hike, right?

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- I have plenty of those days too.

vanilla- it's far enough that if I went to the trouble to get the gear on and go there, I'd walk

dennis- indeed!

betchai- I used to just go walk in the rain on purpose, but after enough backpacking in the rain some of the appeal has worn off

Lin- I looked good. The result wasn't so great- I think that suit (it was Om's) is worn out.

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